Friday, May 11th

Kyle finds a morose Jack in the living room. Is that what I think it is? He looks at the envelope and wonders ‘are we still Abbotts’?

At CL’s, Sharon tells Nick that they’ll have the house to themselves for the evening – how about a bubble bath for two? Nick agrees – then welcomes Vikki and Phyllis back from their trip – he still can’t get over them (and Sharon) being friends.

Jack feels that everything will change the moment he opens that envelope. This affects Kyle too – he needs to know for his own reasons. Vowing he’ll still be John Abbott’s son and no test will convince him otherwise, Jack marches out with his briefcase.

‘Tell her to come back later’, Victor’s on the phone with his assistant when Abby barges into his office to accuse him of using her grandmother’s big night in his never-ending battled against Uncle Jack.

Jack stops at his office door to read and trace a finger across the plaque bearing his name.

Phyllis and Vikki went on a business trip, they aren’t BFF’s. As the three women downplay their friendship, a puzzled Nick leaves Vikki to report to Sharon that Phyllis’ lecturing worked – she’ll stick with the plan and NOT go to the police. Phyllis hopes Sharon was able to distract Nick. Yes, she was.

In his office, Jack picks up a baseball to talk aloud about the day his Dad caught it – the crowd cheering was deafening. You taught me that Jabot’s not a playground and one day I’d be running it. Billy drops by to say he handled a meeting Jack forgot – no need to apologize. That it? Jack has work to do. Billy pulls over a chair insisting Jack share the test results with him. We’re on the same side here. Good, leave, Jack opens the door – go, please. Billy finally complies.

Victor does NOT need to explain himself to Abby – did Kyle tell you he gave that memory card to me? No, but Abby knows how far Victor would go to take Jack down. Having had enough of Abby’s impertinent attitude, Victor will call to have her escorted out. No need! Abby marches out.

On the patio, Phyllis isn’t happy to hear that Nick went on Hilary’s show offering a reward for leads on JT. Sharon boasts that she’s found a way to distract Nick – he’s doing a school anti-bullying campaign with Faith. Keep it up, Phyllis instructs. Sharon will.

Vikki’s now in her Dad’s office – she’s ready to get back to work (like Victor has done) Nikki took good care of the company and of me, Victor reports. Vikki can’t help but wish her Dad trusted her enough to step in. When Kyle arrives, Vikki’s told he’s there for mentoring on mergers and acquisitions. After Vikki leaves, Kyle notes how easily Victor lies to his family (like you do to me)