Wednesday, May 9th

Over coffee and after a restless night, Abby and Ashley wonder how the memory card they burned made it to the screen. Jack must be devastated. On cue, Jack comes down dressed for the office and acting like nothing is wrong – he won’t let one flawed DNA test or his Mother’s demented ramblings ruin his day or his life.

At HWG, Tessa gives Lily a list of models coming in today to try out for a commercial. They need a couple who have chemistry. When Hilary arrives with a box of baby gifts, Justin (a model lurking about) offers to take it – his muscles aren’t just for show. She’s taken – let’s keep things personal, Lily scolds as she takes the box.

Ashley and Abby tell Jack that the paternity test was done from his hair brush (and Traci’s) The hair could be Mrs Martinez’s or the nurses, Jack points out – maybe none of us are John’s kids. Ashley knows Jack’s in denial – it took her years to accept the truth.

Back from his business trip, Devon’s with Neil at the club hearing about the clip of Dina that somehow made it into Charlie’s film. Our client (Victor) was the only non-family member at the screening. Neil implies he could be responsible. This big news will get out and for Jack’s sake, Neil hopes it’s not true.

Still at home, Jack accuses Abby and Ashley of coaxing the false story from Dina for revenge. No one was out to hurt you – the scene wasn’t in the film we previewed; Abby and Ashley wanted to keep the secret and thought they destroyed the memory card. Jack doesn’t believe it – maybe Ashley enlisted lovesick Ravi’s help. Abby defends her Mom; she’d never cause you pain. Still not believing them, Jack slams out.

Justin continues to flirt with Hilary at HWG; he didn’t know she wasn’t single. Hilary then asks Lily why she told Justin she’s taken. You sounded protective. Maybe you’re excited to be an Aunt for the first time – maybe you’ll throw me a baby shower. Don’t hold your breath, Lily scoffs.

Back at the club, Neil hates being caught between two of his best friends, Jack and Victor. Devon’s waiting for Simone; they’re having lunch. He doesn’t look forward to letting her know that he’s made a commitment to Hilary and their baby. Taking Neil’s words to heart, Devon knows this baby will change his life.