Friday, May 18th

Mariah comes home looking for Nick and Sharon. Guys, I really need your help, she runs upstairs. Oh My God! (sounds like she walked in on something horrifying)

In Jack’s office, Billy and Ashley worry about Jack. Paul’s looking into it; he hasn’t used his card but was at the cabin) Billy’s called the hospital, the morgues. Ashley knows better than anyone what Jack’s going through and what dark places that can leave too.

Dina looks into the camera – I never told you who Jack’s Father really is. It’s time for the truth to come out. Jack’s real Father is Victor Newman. Jack awakens on a sofa at the cabin; his nightmare leaving him gasping for air.

Hilary gives Devon a bunch of magazines – she’s marked pages for colors, fabrics etc. Sure, the nursery is at Devon’s penthouse but she should have some say. Hilary’s looking for an apartment close to the penthouse (for convenience) Pleased when Devon agrees, Hilary asks if he has any ideas.

Back downstairs, Mariah’s on the phone – frantically needing someone to come jump her car so she can escape. No, I haven’t been kidnapped – I just need my car started asap. When Sharon and Nick come down, Mariah cracks jokes and finds it hysterical that they want to have a serious discussion.

Back at HWG, Devon sends Hilary the manager’s number for his building (to call and see if there’s any vacancies) Hilary looks disappointed that Devon didn’t ask her to move in.

Billy knows how Jack’s mind works – he’ll walk in any minute ready to get back to work. That said, he thinks it time they put a memo out that he’s acting CEO. Ashley doesn’t want anyone to know (in case Jack finds out) Neil arrives to update that he saw Jack – and it’s not good.

Jack starts his day with a shot of straight whiskey (making faces like he’s drinking turpentine)

Devon gives Hilary his designers’ business card; call her. Hilary’s annoyed that she can’t read him (which amuses Devon) Shawna appears to say she’s sorry for not being around (she had some family stuff to deal with) Hilary sends Shawna over to a desk to catch up on her schoolwork then tells Devon that it sounds like Shawna’s not going to prom because the guy she likes didn’t ask her. Who knows why some guys take so long, she says pointedly.