Wednesday, May 23rd

Ashley pauses to read Billy’s name on the office door and no, she doesn’t have an appointment (since when did she need one?) No, Billy hasn’t gotten around to looking at her hard drive of ideas. He’s renovating to make things better, interviewing new chemists and expanding the lab. Ashley worries that’s too ambitious. You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet. Ashley looks very concerned as Billy shoos her out to take a call.

At home, Nick finds Sharon moping over Cassie’s painting. When Mariah comes down talking about work, Sharon and Nick again debate him returning to NE. Nearly dying hasn’t changed Victor (it never did before) Sharon knows it won’t go well and Vikki’s just looking for an ally. Asked for her opinion, Mariah she sees both sides and acknowledges that today’s a hard day.

Billy’s summoned Kyle to his office. He relates to being an outsider in the family and reassures Kyle that he will always be an Abbott – but, can I trust you to have my back?

Nick, Sharon and Mariah talk about being grateful. Sharon’s already been to the cemetery with Nick but would love to go back with Mariah. Now alone, Nick’s on the phone – could you come by to talk?

Kyle hopes Billy has his back too. He really wants a second chance. Billy’s all about second chances and wants everyone to come together. Then remove the clause and let my Dad be CEO again, Kyle suggests. Billy loves his brother but worries about Jack’s state of mind – he’ll have an important role here while he heals. Yes, Kyle can live with that. Good, let’s get to work, Billy’s pleased (Kyle, not so much)

Phyllis has been summoned to give Nick her opinion on him returning to NE. Are you out of your mind? she’s not coy.

At the club’s bar, Ashley thanks Neil for being there for Jack. He’s devastated that Billy’s CEO. Neil’s happy to be a friend to Ashley too. She confides that Billy’s embraced his new role but he’s gone rogue and wants to put his stamp on things. Ashley’s plan is to get rid of the blood-only clause and appoint the best person for the job.