Tuesday, May 22nd

Looking at the blueprints on her desk, Gloria’s not enthused to hear that Billy’s having Arturo install a window in the wall so he can see into the reception. As CEO, Billy wants to be visible and transparent. Gloria grudgingly admits she likes Billy’s ideas (which doesn’t sit well with Jack when he appears)

Sharon comes down to find Nick all stressed out over his pro and con list (of going back to work at NE) She’s surprised to hear that he’s considering it Victor’s request.

Kyle comes along to hear Jack scoff that Billy’s looking at paint chips and fabric swatches instead of working on Jabot. Arturo’s going to make the CEO office more accessible to staff, Billy says before marching into his office. Going to fetch coffee, Gloria pauses to let Jack know that she’ll always be on his team. You’re not alone, we’re in this together, Kyle also reassures his Dad.

Sharon points out that Victor’s fully recovered and back to being manipulating, controlling and judgmental. You’ve set up boundaries, gave away your trust fund, she reminds. Why isn’t the New Hope project enough now? she asks Nick.

Tapping on the door, Jack comes into the office to look at blueprints and half-joke that Arturo’s helping Billy twist the knife in his back. When Arturo mentions that he doesn’t have a suit for the fundraiser Nikki’s hosting tonight, Jack gives him his tailor’s business card. After Arturo leaves, Jack makes it clear that HE’LL be attending the dinner – no need for Billy to replace him.

Victor almost dying gave Nick a wake-up call. Noah and Summer have gone; Faith and Christian are growing up. Nick wants to help more people (and that includes protecting the company his Father built)

Arturo’s happy to run into Abby at CL’s – he needs help picking out a suit. Abby not only wants to help, she insists.

Jack asks Gloria what office his things have been put in (then throws a hissy fit about having to share an office with Kyle; who leads his Dad off before things get out of hand) Warning Billy that he better do something, Gloria leaves him to whine to Phyllis – he hates that what Jack’s going through has changed things between them (as brothers)