Thursday, May 24th

At Jabot, Phyllis hands out popcorn as Billy welcomes all the to new era of Jabot. We need to end this era fast, Jack whispers to Kyle (as a line up of employees applaud)

Abby’s looking bummed out at the club’s bar when Devon comes over to hear all about the mini-vacation in Miami she booked. Alas, her friend bailed last minute and her Mom can’t get away. Inviting Devon, she touts Miami as ‘a singles paradise’. Sorry, Devon can’t go – HWG is hosting a Memorial Day BBQ.

At the station, Hilary’s on the phone arranging a special ‘glam-squad’ emergency.

At HWG, Lily brings Charlie his tux for the prom (which he goes to change into when Devon comes up) You won’t believe this, Lily hands Devon her phone (apparently a talk show host he employs is up to something)

When Abby strolls into the HWG office, Lily comments that Hilary never ceases to amaze her – she’s trending but not in the way she likes. Abby’s disappointed but understanding that Lily can’t go to Miami either. Hearing about the hot guy Abby’s been spending time with, Lily suggests she invite him. Abby hesitates – what if he expects sex?

Now alone with Billy in his office, a blindfolded Phyllis smells a perfume sample he sprays – and hates it. Blindfold off, she learns that it’s from Jabot’s classic line (but will soon be discontinued by Billy)

Outside the office, Kyle munches popcorn as Jack gripes about Billy trying to win over the staff – good thing John’s not here to see this. Go talk to Billy, Kyle suggests – remind him you have the resources to make him look better at his job.

Bumping into Abby at the club, Arturo credits her with him looking so good at last night’s New Hope dinner. When she needles him about not letting her come along, Arturo admits he’d have had a better time if she went.