Friday, May 25th

The club’s rooftop ‘Dive Bar’ is all decorated for Memorial Day when Devon gives Neil bad news; we might have to call this whole thing off.

At home, Sharon and Nick give Faith their good news; we’re a couple. You can’t be, Faith stuns them – it’ll ruin everything.

Kyle’s about to head off to the Hamilton Winters BBQ when Jack catches him – demanding an explanation; I thought we agreed to quit Jabot. No, Kyle didn’t agree to that at all (he leaves Jack scowling)

Devon and Neil are both striking out on the phone when Hilary arrives to hear that the catering crew canceled due to flu. The club’s is running a skeleton crew so can’t help out. Hilary has an idea.

Vikki arrives on the rooftop to chat with Kyle about Billy replacing Jack as CEO – what happened? Stripping down, Kyle will show Vikki the same respect she showed him (none) If you want to question me you’ll have to do it on the pool ~splash~

Mariah and Tessa have been summoned to the rooftop and coerced into grilling burgers. OK, if Hilary will too. Before following Mariah and Tessa to get aprons, Hilary lets Devon know that he’ll be wearing one too.

At the ranch, Nikki fusses over Victor; who insists he feels fine and is ready to honor the day, support Neil and spend time with his wonderful wife ~kiss~

Faith has little faith (he he) that her parents’ reconciliation will last. Sick of pretending they can be a family, she marches upstairs, leaving Nick and Sharon shocked.

All in aprons and chef hats, Devon’s on the grill while Mariah and Tessa gripe that Hilary’s self-promotion will bring in a huge crowd. Off to get more plates and napkins, Tessa stops to chat with Kyle. Yes, she’s single but it’s not a good idea for her to date him because of Mariah. Kyle’s so puzzled, he doesn’t notice Mattie admiring his pecs before Charlie yanks her back in line behind Mom. Showing Hilary prom photos, Charlie thanks her – as Lily scowls (then is further angered when Hilary manages to flip a burger at her chest)