Monday, May 28th

At the club, Victor agrees with Vikki’s plans to divest – he’s proud that she’s found her stride and is no longer fighting imaginary foes. Both are happy Nick’s coming back to work.

Sharon wonders why Nick’s been quiet since the pool party – what’s bothering you? Hearing that he’s been offered Vikki’s old job as COO, she asks what Nick plans to do about it.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley tells Kyle that her spa getaway was restful. So, what’s been going on here? Jack comes down the stairs to announce that he quit Jabot.

Mariah talks about how well the BBQ went yesterday (at GC Buzz) Devon confides that things are ‘evolving’ with Hilary; evolving into what he’s not sure (but seems happy about it)

Hilary joins Phyllis at CL’s as she’s laughing at photos of the BBQ on her phone. She’s thrilled to hear Hilary and Devon getting closer (though Hilary seems hesitant) Mariah then calls Hilary to say that Devon wants to do a live show on the club’s rooftop – in a half hour. When Mariah hangs up, Devon thanks her (he clearly his something up his sleeve)

Still at the club, Vikki and Victor continue blathering about how good it is that Nick’s coming back to NE. He came to my bedside every day, Victor talks about his time in the hospital; Nick will be rewarded for his strength of character.

What does Vikki think about you taking the job she’s worked so hard for? Sharon obviously disapproves. Nick understands why his Dad doesn’t trust Vikki right now. He’ll give Vikki the COO job when she wants it and is ready. And when she’s COO you’ll leapfrog into the CEO position? Sharon frets that Nick will be caught in the middle.

Jack gripes to Kyle and Ashley – he won’t stand by while Billy dismantles the company our Father… John Abbott built. He’s discontinuing one of Jabot’s classics to remodel his office, buy popcorn and turn the office I was supposed to get into a ‘nap pod’! Kyle and Ashley think Billy’s making Jabot relevant. NO, Jack does NOT want Ashley to try to get him a job at Newman – he planned to start a company with his son (who apparently has other plans)