Tuesday, May 29th

Understandably pissed that Victor’s using Christian’s paternity against him, Nick asks how long he’s known. How long have YOU known? Victor counters. It seems Chelsea got careless before she left town. What are you afraid of, son? Victor sneers.

Ready to head over to the rooftop to meet the crew, Mariah searches GC Buzz for Hilary. Dammit – where are you?

At the club, Jack suggests the bartender remember his order – you’ll come to think of me as family soon. The way my Mother got around, we may actually BE family, he quips to himself as he drinks.

Devon bumps into his favorite niece and nephew at CL’s. Charlie’s fixated on his phone, wondering why Shawna hasn’t reached out since the BBQ. Text her, Mattie and Devon agree. For the first time, Charlie feels he’s ‘not on his game’.

Don’t play innocent, Nick accuses his Dad of using Christian as a pawn for a long time (and holding the secret over Chelsea’s head) Victor admits he knew before Adam died – he’s merely been protecting his family and didn’t want to hurt Nick. ‘Until now’, Nick scowls.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle confides in Traci that he just wanted to prove himself. Did Victor promise to mentor you? Traci doesn’t seem to hold it against Kyle but asks him not to give up on his Dad; maybe you can get through to him. Alas, Jack’s gone (having left a note saying to forward his mail to the GCAC) Whoa, Dad moved out? Kyle’s surprised.

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There you are! Mariah exclaims – we’re supposed to be at the club working on the live show for tomorrow, she scolds Hilary (and is further annoyed when Hilary walks off to call her doctor say she needs to see her asap) Mariah needs direction; are we scrapping the show and starting fresh? What’s wrong? Was your date with Devon a bust? No, Hilary walks away saying she has no time for Mariah’s questions.

Finally sending Shawna a text, Charlie worries when she doesn’t immediately respond. Give her a minute, Devon hears the text and thinks it perfect (not ‘needy’) Mattie orders her brother to chill out and put his phone away but after Devon leaves an impatient Charlie can’t resist checking again.

If Nick doesn’t take over at NE, Victor will accept (but not like) it. He won’t be cut off from Adam’s only son (in GC) He’s the future of NE. No, Christian’s future is juice boxes and toys – Nick will raise his son to make his own choices. Victor thinks Noah, Summer and Faith too soft-hearted to run NE. Good, Nick wants his kids to be nice people. You showed your hand and now I’m out! he slams out.