Monday, June 4th

As Billy and Phyllis scramble to cover themselves, Summer tosses her Mom’s panties over as she teases them and reminds that this is her apartment. Now dressed, Phyllis gives Summer a hug and welcomes her home.

At home, Sharon ends a call with Faith’s summer camp (who want to know if she’ll be going this year) Faith really loves it there, she tells Nick (who points out that there’s camps in San Diego. Both assume Victor’s told Nikki his version of why they want to move. Nick’s tired of giving his Dad chances and wonders if Sharon’s made a decision on moving. She wonders what a move to California would mean ‘for us’.

Thinking it weird that she and Kyle are hanging out (at CL’s) Mariah suspects his ‘crazy wardrobe malfunction’ was planned. That would be marketing genius, Kyle whispers. Tessa comes along to hand them pamphlets promoting a pop-up event on the GCAC rooftop tonight. Kyle says he’ll be there but Mariah shows no interest. Tessa out of earshot, Kyle asks Mariah why she’s blowing her off.

Arturo joins Abby at the club’s bar to chide her for disappearing after kissing him. Abby wastes little time letting him know that she’s not OK with him ‘hooking up’ with her stepmother.

When Kyle brings over two espressos in preparation for a night of partying, Mariah insists she’s not going. Don’t be an idiot, Kyle can tell that Tessa’s ‘in to’ Mariah – don’t avoid her. He promises she’ll have a good time.

Back at the club’s bar, Arturo is told that Nikki’s the one who informed Abby (and wonders why she did so but doesn’t see the big deal) Abby sees a pattern here; Nick, Nikki now her. Arturo insists he’s not interested in Abby’s money or the Newman name. Finishing his drink, Arturo says he’ll be at the party tonight if Abby’d care to join him.

Over wine, Phyllis scolds Summer for not returning her calls/texts then unexpectedly turning up on her doorstep. Technically, it’s my doorstep, Summer points out. Not ‘exhausted’ from her drive from Atlanta she’s going upstairs to freshen up before heading going out to see if the rest of GC is as ‘happening’ as this place. Billy tells Phyllis that there must be a story; a reason why Summer packed up her car and drove home.

She sure brought a lot of baggage for a short visit, Billy comments to Phyllis as he wheels Summer’s stuff in. When Summer comes down to primp in the mirror, she agrees her sports car is a ‘sweet ride’. Expensive yes, but she just had to have it. Summer’s then surprised to hear that Billy is Jabot’s CEO.