Tuesday, June 5th

Sharon comes down as Nick tosses his phone in frustration. Seems Victor’s already hired the most formidable lawyer in town; Mike.

Billy’s ready to attend Summer’s bond hearing – Phyllis is not (she wants her daughter to sit in a cell and think about what she did_

In her cell, Summer asks the guard for something to read – this is a misunderstanding. I borrowed the car from my boyfriend. It’s so boring in here.

Back at Sharon’s, Mariah understands Victor being upset about the move but why not try for custody of Faith too? Ignoring a call from Phyllis, Nick tells Mariah that Christian is Adam’s son.

When Phyllis rhymes off all that’s happened in the brief time Summer’s been back in town, Billy wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Phyllis can’t get over her little girl being arrested her first day back. Billy stresses the need to get all the facts. Appreciating Billy calming her down, Phyllis goes up to change.

At the office, Neil praises Devon on his success launching Birthday Suit. Meanwhile, Hilary’s bossing the movers around at her new home.

Learning that Nick’s name is on Christian’s birth certificate, Mariah thinks it a long shot that Victor can get custody.

Having picked Summer up at the station, Billy and Phyllis have brought her to CL’s for details. More interested in last night’s party, Summer denies she stole the car – it was a gift from an ex-boyfriend. Why didn’t he transfer the ownership to you? Phyllis wonders. As Summer goes inside to get their coffees, Billy cautions Phyllis to chill out a bit.

At the club, Jack’s not happy when Gloria calls to say that Neil bought the penthouse. Call Farrah, Jack wants an explanation.

Farrah delivers the keys to Neil’s new penthouse – his cash offer was accepted.