Friday, June 1st

Gloria comes into Billy’s office to join him in looking at (negative) online commentary. Everyone’s talking about 3 seconds of full frontal Kyle (not the sunscreen) Devon arrives to say those 3 seconds could cost them both a lot of money; HWG owns the show and Jabot’s the corporate sponsor. Kyle strolls in, unapologetic and saying Billy must take half the blame if this is a disaster.

In the club’s dining room, Jack and Hilary chat about Kyle going viral online. Knowing this wouldn’t have happened under Jack’s watch, Hilary thinks the board members might see that Billy’s in over his head and reinstate Jack. Neither plan to be living at the club for long. In fact, Hilary’s going to look at a property with her realtor right now. Jack’s left to scowl at a photo of Kyle on his phone.

Kyle’s the only one in the office who’s not upset about his online ‘exposure’. It’s good that everyone’s talking about Birthday Suit, he says as he exits. No, Gloria won’t go celebrate over Martinis with Jack. He chose to quit. Plus, she likes her job and the energy Billy brings to the place. In a perfect world, the Abbott brothers would be working side by side – but the world is not perfect, she leaves Billy to think.

Sitting on his bed, Charlie wonders why Shawna isn’t watching the TV show playing on his laptop. Shawna’s wishing things weren’t so uncomfortable at her Aunt’s. Charlie’s happy to continue sleeping on the floor so she can have his bed. Lily knocks on the door to announce that she’s going to a meeting – you’ll be on your own for dinner. Shawna knows Charlie can’t hide her for long – sure, his Dad’s out of town but who knows when Lily will be back – and there’s Mattie too.

Jack steps off the elevator at Jabot to take a sad look around. Finding the CEO office empty, he’s noticing the changes when Gloria comes in to give him a big hug – are you here to rub it in? she asks. Assuming Billy’s dodging the fallout (as usual) Jack’s told the opposite – Billy’s at a meeting trying to deal with the fallout. Jack’s actually there to see Gloria (who has her real estate license) Yes, she can help – for a huge commission. At Gloria’s desk, Billy comes along to ask Jack if he’s looking to come back. No, Jack’s got his own lucrative projects on the go. Moving out has been liberating. Billy lies too – Birthday Suit has lit up the Internet. Looks like we’re both doing well. After Billy goes into his office, Jack asks Gloria to keep the reality a secret.

Coming out of Devon’s penthouse (picking up a flashdrive) Neil’s surprised to bump into Hilary. The realtor opens the door of Chelsea’s old place and brings Hilary inside to say that the owner’s Mother is a motivated seller. Seconds later, Neil rings the doorbell and asks to see the place too. It might be perfect for him.

Billy’s leaving early for the day because he can’t stand any more online haters and suppliers/retailers sending him naked-Kyle memes. He’ll be drowning his sorrows at the club. Yes, Gloria can leave early to show a client a house. You may need that job if this PR disaster keeps growing, Billy warns. Gloria’s left to text Jack – your day just got a lot better.