Monday, June 18th

Completely taken by surprise by Nick’s proposal, Sharon says she needs to think about this, grabs her purse and runs out. Nick’s left disappointed and still holding the boxed ring.

On the CL’s patio, Hilary’s nauseated by the smell of Mariah’s coffee. It’s nothing she can’t handle; don’t tell Devon. And when Mariah offers to host the show alone, Hilary accuses her of trying to take her job. After Mariah leaves to make some calls, Phyllis arrives to ask what she walked in on.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack updates Ashley on the photo he found in Dina’s safety deposit box. You think Philip Chancellor is your Father? she seems skeptical.

Hilary whines to Phyllis that Mariah’s trying to take her job. Oh, and she’s back with Devon. Hearing that Hilary’s hiding her morning sickness from Devon, Phyllis encourages her to ask him for help if she needs it. Agreeing (unconvincingly) Hilary leaves.

Abby now in on the news, Ashley warns Jack to proceed with caution – she can see this is eating him up. Asking how Dina is this morning, Jack’s eager to talk to his Mother.

At CL’s, Mariah doesn’t understand why Sharon’s hesitating on accepting Nick’s proposal. I’m not sure he’s doing this for the right reasons, Sharon confides.

Nick’s at the club looking for Vikki – but Phyllis will do. I proposed to Sharon and she didn’t answer yes or no.

Mariah’s happy to hear that Nick’s standing up to Victor – is Sharon afraid? No, she worries Nick thinks he’ll have a better chance of getting Christian back if he has a wife (but he won’t if I’m that wife) Mariah thinks Sharon should go for it.