Tuesday, June 19th

We have a meeting! Kyle’s alarmed to find Summer lounging in Billy’s office flipping through a magazine. Whining that Kyle’s office ‘reeks’ of Birthday Suit, Summer doesn’t want to work in the conference room either – follow me.

Hands full, Vikki unloads and sits at her desk to open an email. ‘Hello’ an electronic male voice says – I’m sorry to tell you that your secrets aren’t safe anymore.

At the penthouse, Hilary’s annoyed by Devon’s fussing. It’s so sweet that you want to be with me throughout this pregnancy but popsicles are not the answer. When she bolts to the bathroom to throw up, Devon puts the soda crackers away.

Cane takes a seat at Jack’s table at the club to ask what the hell he’s up to.

You OK? Nick enters Vikki’s office to ask. Listen, Vikki plays the rest of the recording in her email – I have full access to all your files. I’m not looking for ransom. My only goal is to take down Newman Enterprises.

Cane’s not interested on what Jack’s having for lunch – he wants to know why Jack’s probing into Katherine’s business (via Ester) Yes, it IS his business. Rest easy, Jack would never disrespect Kay’s memory and Cane should stop acting like protector of the Chancellor family. I could be more of a Chancellor than you ever pretended to be, Jack announces.

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Drinking water and trying to keep something down, Hilary can’t believe Devon’s flirting with her. When Shawna comes down, Hilary tells both to stop fussing over her and before heading out to start her busy day drops the bomb that she wants to give birth on air. It’ll be ratings gold. You picked her, an amused Shawna cracks. I sure did, Devon smiles and leaves.

Huddled over her laptop, Vikki thinks the IP address is encrypted. Nick agrees – whoever sent the email covered their tracks. He doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about (or involve Victor) Dad’s been calling the shots long enough. It’s time for me to take the lead.

On the rooftop, Kyle objects to drinking on company time. Summer insists he take a sip of the fancy drink. See? Virgin – like I was when we first hung out. As she disrobes, Summer shares her plans for the Fenmore’s-Jabot project. We need to create some heat. Kyle looks already looks overheated.

On side by side lounge chairs, Summer rattles off ideas as Kyle decides this isn’t working – too many distractions. Undeterred, Summer has Kyle apply Birthday Suit on her back. She knows he’s wanted her ever since she dumped him.