Friday, June 15th

At the house, Britney tells Nick and Sharon that a social worker will be supervising them with Christian – and question Faith and Mariah. Nick will do whatever it takes to ensure Victor doesn’t raise his son. After Sharon leaves for CL’s, Britney tells Nick that he might have to break up with her to get Christian back.

At Jabot, Summer munches on popcorn as Phyllis tells her that Billy’s making great changes. They then go into Billy’s office. Phyllis doesn’t notice Summer’s double entendres and tells Billy not to underestimate her daughter.

At the park cafe, Jack shows Kyle the key he found in Dina’s box – he’s spoken to the manufacturer in hopes of finding out what it opens – even if it doesn’t relate to his Father, he’s determined to pursue it.

Back outside the CEO’s office, Summer’s not thrilled with the assignment she’ll be working with her Mom on. She was hoping for something sexier – modeling for Jabot. But you work for Fenmore’s, Phyllis reminds. Summer suggests an ad campaign for Jabot products sold exclusively at Fenmore’s. Phyllis goes in alone to pitch the idea to Billy – thinking he’d be a great mentor to Summer.

Billy resists and Phyllis persists – yes, it was Summer’s idea but it’s a good one. Billy disagrees. Phyllis gets it – you don’t think she’s up for the job. Give her a chance. Billy is – Summer will learn a lot working with Phyllis. She’s coming around, Phyllis notes that Summer actually got up before Price Is Right this morning. Please, for me, Phyllis all but bats her eyelashes.

Finding Summer with her feet up on Gloria’s desk, Kyle throws mild insults about her being spoiled – but is amused when she asks who to see about a better parking spot.

Vikki arrives at CL’s to chat with Sharon – how’s Nick doing? Knowing he lost his son because he was loyal to her (refusing to take the COO job) Vikki wants to help Nick. Thank you, Sharon gives her a hug.