Wednesday, June 20th

In her office, Vikki and Ashley are horrified as they go through boxes of paperwork disclosing salaries, business and personal emails. Whoever did this really does have access to Newman’s entire system. We need to bring security in on this. Vikki thinks it an inside job – everyone’s under suspicion.

On the rooftop, Cane refuses to dig up Philip’s bones. Your Father was John Abbott, he suspects Jack’s trying to lay claim to Chancellor Industries because he’s out of Jabot. I won’t let you do this, Cane stomps off.

Abby and Arturo are back on the rooftop for the dance party. Meeting Ashley went well and Arturo hasn’t had any more bad luck (after speaking to her Dad) When Summer comes along to take credit for bringing the pair back together, she’s basically told to take a hike. Too bad – I have plans for a very fun night, Summer walks off.

Vikki figures the hacker is someone who’s ticked off at the company. Or Victor, Ashley knows he has a long list of enemies. Jack’s at the top of that list, Vikki asks about his frame of mind. Ashley doesn’t doubt that Jack blames Victor for editing Dina’s film – but he’s too busy trying to find out who his Father is for revenge. After Vikki goes to security, Ashley immediately calls Jack (who’s equally vague and abruptly hangs up without denying or admitting to anything)

** Apologies for the delay. I had too many events scheduled on my PVR and World Cup soccer somehow canceled out today’s show **

You won’t believe what just happened, Cane clams up when Charlie appears at Lily’s desk. Getting a text from Shawna (who tells him to stop being responsible and come to the penthouse) Charlie lies by saying he’s going to CL’s – leaving Cane to assure Lily that he won’t let Jack lay claim to a piece of Chancellor.

In Billy’s office, Jack insists that it all adds up. Did Jill ever talk about Philip? Billy scoffs at the notion that his Mother would tell him that her lover sleeping with Dina. Seriously? Philip is dead – where do you see this going??

Ashley throws Kyle’s name out. Yes, Victor was his mentor but they had a falling out. He didn’t get a job at NE and was ousted as Jabot’s CEO. Vikki wonders if Helen’s pissed about Victor dumping her and losing her job at Jabot. She’s a chemist, not a computer expert, Ashley lists Nick’s motive. When Vikki suspects Abby, Ashley suspects HER – we both know you’re not above corporate espionage.