Thursday, June 21st

Billy comes down looking guilty. Morning, Summer appears (not dressed for the office) Looks like someone’s been a naughty boy, she teases. Yes, Billy will cover for Summer being late to work – If we forget last night ever happened. OK – the card game will be our little secret, Summer agrees.

When Abby follows Victor into her office, Vikki’s annoyed that both are going along with Ashley’s theory that JT’s the hacker.

At home, Sharon’s a bit apprehensive about the party they’re throwing to announce their engagement. We both have to be ready for anything, she tells Nick (knowing some guests won’t be happy for them)

Vikki’s not defending JT – she’s trying to be logical. We have no proof and need to keep an open mind. Victor agrees – I do have many enemies. Abby sees Vikki’s point – JT’s risking a lot if he’s behind this. No, Victor won’t call the authorities (they’ve been trying to take me down for years) He also won’t let JT escape him a second time.

Nick and Sharon list everyone who won’t like their news. At least Faith supports them – and Nick’s trying to remain optimistic that he’ll get Christian back. No one will stop us from getting what we deserve ~kiss~

Billy declines coffee but yes, he could use help cleaning up. Seems that the poker game lasted til the wee hours and Billy cleaned everyone out. Summer hasn’t seen him so excited since she came back to town – why does he deny himself something that makes him happy? This is not what I want, Billy leaves Summer to smirk.