Tuesday, June 26th

Where’s Charlie? Lily asks Mattie (who informs that he’s where they all want him to be – with Shawna at CL’s) Seems this little run in wasn’t subtle at all. Given permission to go do her homework and assured that Mr Abbott’s not going to cause her Dad problems. Now alone, Cane swears to Lily that he’ll protect Chancellor Industries with every fibre of his being.

On the CL’s patio, Charlie believes he was stupid to leave the other night. No, it’s not because of what Shawna’s done – it’s because of what he hasn’t done. Shawna claims she’s nowhere near ready either. The couple now officially declare themselves ‘a thing’.

On the rooftop, Hilary’s happy that Shawna and Charlie are OK – and really appreciates Devon defending her earlier. We’re in this together, Devon smiles. Are we? Hilary still feels that something’s missing. I love you, Devon says the magic words that put Hilary over the moon.

Shown to her front door, Abby chuckles at the craziness they encountered at the club. I’ll never bore you. She and Arturo decide not to label themselves but to always be honest ~kiss~

Leaving the club, Cane feels he can’t lose with Lily at his side. Everything I do is for you.

On the patio, Charlie and Shawna change their faceplace status and kiss.

After a kiss that leaves both reeling, Abby closes her front door and looks breathless. On the other side of the door, Arturo looks in need of a cold shower.

I love you too, Hilary tells Devon ~kiss~

Ashley barges into Vikki’s office. She got new info from Neil (so it’s reliable) JT’s credit card was used at a motel on the outskirts of town. He checked out today. Vikki’s sure the card is stolen. Ashley thinks NOT. The motel staff described JT to a T. Prepare yourself – JT could walk in at any minute. Vikki looks nervous.