Wednesday, June 27th

Getting a visit from Vikki, Phyllis reassures her that JT’s dead and buried – he’s not on his way back to GC. Victor’s investigators are just telling him what he wants to hear. Vikki agrees that’s possible but Victor’s sure JT’s behind the leaks and won’t stop looking for him. Well, he won’t find him and JT will never hurt you again, Phyllis reiterates.

At the HWG office, Neil and Lily are talking business when Victor arrives to speak to Neil in private. He just came from seeing a CEO – to convince him not to cancel his contract with NE (his fourth meeting) Victor wants to go on TV tonight to announce that he’s in good health – make it happen.

Kyle catches Summer before she leaves NE (30 minutes early) wanting to go over some designers’ portfolios. Not interested, Summer invites Kyle to join her at the GCAC in an hour. Kyle takes a pass and taking a call from another designer, tells Summer to have fun tonight.

Cane’s in Billy office to ask him to talk Jack out of trying to exhume Philip’s body for a DNA test. Billy immediately guesses that Cane’s worried that Jack might be Philip’s son – and what that means to him with regards to Chancellor Industries.

Hilary’s excited about their first live show from the rooftop tonight. Neil appears to tell her and Mariah that he’s scrapping whatever they have planned so Victor can go on air to address rumors about his health. It’s not a request, it’s an order. Hilary better cooperate or Mariah will be doing the interview solo.

Back at Phyllis’ apartment, Vikki gets a notification on her phone that Victor’s going live on TV tonight. Phyllis repeats that JT’s dead. We’re OK as long as we stay cool. Summer comes home to say she’s glad the whole JT thing is behind her Aunt Vikki and after Vikki leaves wonders when her Mom and Vikki became besties. Could it be that Phyllis is becoming boring?