Tuesday, June 26th

At home with Abby, Ashley reads an article on her tablet. Business mogul, Victor Newman refutes rumors that he’s in ill health. See? Here he is riding a horse, punching the heavy bag – and posing with his wife in the park. Competitors are spreading falsehoods in an attempt to bring NE down. She worries this hacker won’t back down. NE is losing contracts and the public’s trust. We’re all in danger – the hacker could drop it all or leak it slowly. Ashley decides to speak to Vikki, not her Father. Jack arrives announce that Victor’s not the star of the day, he is.

Almost 100% certain that Philip is his Father, Jack’s filed a court order to have his body exhumed. Assured that Dina was lucid when claiming that Philip is his Father, Ashley also finds it perverse that Jack’s digging up the dead. Jack was relieved to hear the truth – and Dina was relieved to remember. And now Jack’s going to visit his Mother for more info. Could Uncle Jack be right? Abby wonders. Ashley doubts it but has her own problems to deal with.

At HWG, a distracted Shawna wonder if Charlie’s coming in today – and hopes things won’t be awkward. Left alone to chat with Devon, Hilary worries she may have overstepped by telling Shawna that she’s too good for Charlie. She must get creative to fix this (and surprises Lily by asking for her help)

Jack comes down to update Ashley that his request to exhume Philip’s body was denied. Jill’s fighting tooth and nail but so will Jack.

Initially refusing to get involved in a teen romance, Lily admits Charlie’s been miserable lately so agrees to help Hilary.

Ashley’s come to Vikki’s office to demand answers. Neil’s fluffy PR piece on Victor won’t appease her. How serious is this? It sounds to Vikki like Ashley wants to jump ship (which she encrourages her to do.

Oh what a coincidence Devon, Hilary and Shawna are at the club for dinner – and so is the Ashby family.

At the bar, Abby goes over a list of her past relationships; a doctor, cop etc. etc. but clinking Arturo’s wine glass, she’d rather forget about them.