Monday, June 25th

Victor and Nikki pose for photos and select one for the photographer to give to Neil. They then sit on a bench overlooking the flowers where JT’s buried. Nikki didn’t sleep well thanks to the hacker and what he or she revealed about Victor’s medical records. These photos will show that I’m in perfect health, Victor’s sure. But you’re not – and you hid it from me. If it was serious, Victor would have told Nikki.

In Billy’s office, Kyle doesn’t want to run his pitch by Summer. But when Billy and Phyllis arrive, they decide Summer should sit in.

In the HWG office, Mariah searches her purse frantically, then flips when Tessa walks in with her journal. No, Tessa didn’t take it again – you must have dropped it in the hall. Mariah’s sorry for being a jerk.

Kyle’s idea is for Jabot to collaborate with fashion designers to see what colours they’re using – then create seasonal makeup to match. Fashion houses are secretive – what’s the incentive? Phyllis poo poos the idea. Billy too – since Chelsea left, we don’t have any connections with designers. Phyllis adds another hurdle – women’s clothing is usually on a separate floor than cosmetics. Over Kyle’s objections, Phyllis wants to hear Summer’s input.

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Back at HWG, Mariah again apologizes to Tessa. Let’s go downstairs and grab a bite to eat. Agreeing, Tessa just needs to grab her wallet.

Summer’s idea of pop up kiosks goes over so well that Billy plans to fast track it with Lauren. After Summer and Kyle leave, both Billy and Phyllis are happy with the way the meeting went.

Outside the office, however, Kyle whines that Summer took over his pitch. Executives don’t like change – and Summer thinks Kyle should have had answers prepared for their questions. I saved your butt, Summer grins as Kyle continues to complain.

Still at the park, Nikki scolds Victor for not keeping her apprised of his health issues (which she only knows of thanks to the hacker) Your health should be your priority, Nikki’s lecture continues. Victor’s priorities are clear – work – and finding JT. That punk will get what he deserves, Victor vows – as Nikki’s gaze travels to the flowers being fertilized by JT’s body.