Tuesday, July 3rd

A red, white and blue fascinator perched askew on her head, Hilary welcomes her audience to a special July 4th episode, live from the GCAC rooftop. After a blurb about the American spirit, Hilary announces that Mariah has the day off but guarantees fireworks both on and off camera.

When Billy comes down waving a little flag, Phyllis presents a big bowl of homemade whipped cream – Happy Birthday!

After the break, Hilary will reveal the identity of her mystery guest. Production work is hard, Shawna notes on the sidelines. Any work for Hilary is hard, Tessa quips. Marching over to snap at both girls, Hilary is further annoyed to hear that the mayor hasn’t arrived yet. Eyeballing the Ashby family, Hilary must improvise.

Across the rooftop, Cane frets to Lily about Jack’s lawsuit – he’s trying to claim CI and oust me out as CEO. With Arturo working, Abby’s invited to join the Ashby family. Hilary then appears to invite them all to be on her show.

Hilary is back on the air to introduce Lily Ashby, a former Jabot model who recently opened her own agency. All gather to watch as Lily talks about being free to pursue her passion while being bound to the family who make it possible (who then praise her performance) Great – now how are we gonna tell Mom? Charlie worries with Mattie as their parents head to the bar.

Still at home, Billy tells Phyllis that he’s planned a romantic boat cruise. He’s left the keys at work so they’ll swing by Jabot on their way to the marina – and then to pick up lobster (since Phyllis isn’t thrilled with the idea of hot dogs)

All squirm as Abby gives Hilary a ‘colourful’ answer – today is about proving that blondes aren’t dumb and being free to ride into a restaurant on horseback, naked. Happy Birthday America! After a pep talk from Lily, Abby skips off to see Arturo.

After another commercial break, Mattie and Charlie explain what July 4th means to them. Great answers, Hilary will soon move on to her behind-the-camera crew. You guys were so cute, the Ashby’s gush. Shawna agrees – then scurries off to work when Hilary barks orders. Lily clip clops over to set Hilary straight, which results in Shawna getting the rest of the day off (and Tessa given a longer to-do list)