Wednesday, July 4th

Jack arrives at the Abbott mansion eager to prep Dina for testifying in court. Hearing that Ashley’s not there, Jack’s annoyed – what’s she doing that’s so important? he asks Kyle.

Neil’s sent an urgent summons to Ashley. At the penthouse, he tells her that a story is about to drop across all media platforms and having no details, fears the worst. When Neil’s laptop pings, both sit to read the headline; Federal Agent Investigating Victor Newman vanishes without a trace – what happened to JT Hellstrom? Neil knows the story being pushed won’t bode well for Victor.

Summer comes home to find Billy watching a horror movie (which she spoils the ending of) Phyllis away on business, Summer offers to take Billy out. He has a meeting – nothing that would interest you, he goes upstairs.

Neil and Ashley read the article; Victor was being investigated for price fixing. Hellstrom was working undercover for the Williams and has disappeared (which is conveniently lucky for Victor) Neil leaves Victor a message telling him to go online. Ashley’s worried – Victor’s done a lot of questionable things. Yes, but has he gotten rid of JT as the story implies? Marco Anacelli’s disappearance is also mentioned. Ashley knows Neil’s just as freaked out as she is. She’s then surprised when Nate appears – in a towel.

Now dressed, Nate catches up with Ashley. His Mom’s still working with Doctors Without Borders. After Ashley leaves, Neil and Nate chat about Victor being in trouble (fake news, according to Neil) Nate worries Neil will go down with the Newmans. They’re friends under attack, Neil won’t bail but understands if Nate wants to. He then remembers inviting the family over to welcome Nate home and again it’s hinted that Nate’s going through something.

Knowing Billy’s lying about having a meeting, Summer correctly guesses he’s off to a poker game and wants to come along. OK – but you just watch, Billy reluctantly agrees. Leading the way, Summer guesses this is going to be big. Billy looks less enthused.

Relieved to see that Ashley made it, Jack sends Kyle to fetch Dina then gloats a bit about Victor’s woes. Dina’s thrilled to see Jackie – yes, she knows he’s there to ask questions about his Father.