Monday, July 2nd

What the hell is that? Sharon and joins her cohorts at the park to gape in astonishment at the modern art piece that stands between them and the hole where JT’s body should be. All we need now is a jack hammer and dynamite.

Whoever OK’d this sure got it done fast. Nikki has no clue – until she reads the plaque aloud; the artpiece is donated in Kay’s memory by Jill, she fumes.

At the club, Victor updates Nick that JT was captured on security camera. Yes, he’s beefed up security – thanks for your concern (which, Nick clarifies, is for Christian’s safety; the one thing he and Victor agree on)

Neil tells Tessa that he’s picking someone special up from the airport. A young man then arrives. Good to see you. Good to see you too ~hug~

This is a bit unorthodox, the social worker notes as she meets Victor at the club. Mrs Newman? She’s on her way, Victor assures Ms Robertson.

Still at the park, Nikki gripes about Jill and agrees with the other ladies that they must know for sure – and stick together. If one of us goes down, we all do.

Hilary and Tessa watch Neil fuss over the young man he’s leaving work early to take to his penthouse. Who is he? Hilary’s left to question Tessa – and how does he know Neil?

Unlocking his front door, Neil tells the young man that his nosey ex wife lives behind that door right there. Hilary gets off the elevator in time to seen the men head into Neil’s. She’s even more curious than ever.