Thursday, July 5th

Inside Jabot, Summer consoles Billy, who previously lost the yacht deal in a game of cards. Billy realizes that those who said he wasn’t mature enough to run the company were right. So.. how do we avoid public humiliation? Well, what the media doesn’t know wont hurt them – or Jaboat.

Phyllis plans a re-do of Billy’s birthday starting with invitations. Sharon is impressed with the yacht theme.

Arturo receives a disappointing text from the flower shop saying his credit card didn’t go through. Abby points the finger at her father, who she assumes is toying with Arturo’s account. Fed up, Abby gets up to confront Victor. Arturo pleads with her not to get him involved. Abby creates a better plan, how about we book a suite and charge it to Victor’s account?

Victor argues with journalists on the phone. Nikki is saddened to learn it’s Scott Grainger who wrote the article. Victor thinks J.T is behind all of the theories about him being dead.

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Ashley storms into Victor’s office, freaking out about the articles being written. She’s spent the day on the phone with all of Newman’s associates doing damage control. Ashley pushes Victor to sit down, and create a plan. Victor is dismissive, “I will call you if I need you.”

Phyllis and Sharon continue to chat about Billy’s yacht party. Though she likes the theme, Sharon says she isn’t in the party mood. She’s too consumed by the idea that J.T could show up at any time. Phyllis tells her to stop being ridiculous – this is no way for Sharon to be living. Once Sharon is deleted from the guest list Phyllis sends out the invitations via E-mail.