Friday, July 6th

As Kyle digs up Philip’s grave by flashlight, Ester awakens to call 911 – there’s an intruder at the Chancellor estate – hurry!

He IS alive! Nikki’s shaking like a leaf. Sharon thinks JT revealing himself (outside her home) was a warning – he’s come back for us. Maybe he’s gone up to the main house. OMG! both panic.

At HWG, Mariah and Hilary are struggling to work out their next show. Go home and rest – we’ll look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow, Mariah convinces Hilary (who suddenly feels a cramp) Ignoring Mariah, Hilary goes online to see what it could mean.

Jack joins Summer on the rooftop – he was surprised he didn’t see her at Billy’s birthday party. She left around the same time as Kyle did. Apparently, he drank quite a bit because he was upset that Jack lost his bid to exhume Philip.

Kyle suddenly has a lot more light – thanks to the police car that pulls up.

Victor’s not answering his cell phone, Nikki worries. I have to go warn him. No, Sharon can’t let her leave alone. Hearing a thud, both jump – and are huddled together as they look at the staircase (creaking as if someone’s coming down)

Escorting Hilary home, Mariah reassures her boss – the online doctor said everything’s fine (and Hilary’s no longer experiencing cramps) Mariah gone and Devon away, Hilary’s left to a peaceful evening alone – except for her nerves.