Thursday, July 12th

No sooner has Kyle told Jack that the lab will have the DNA results done by the end of the day, a furious Jill shows up at the front door. Yes, she spoke to Ester – where’s your miscreant son? This crazy notion that you’re Philip’s son has got to stop.

Victor’s not surprised to find Vikki in her office trying to replace the vendors and partners who’ve jumped ship. Victor’s at NE for a meeting that’s sure to solve their problems. Oh? Who’s the meeting with? JT Hellstrom.

Nikki comes down to report that Christian’s asleep. Oh, how she misses him. You’re welcome to visit anytime. Dad? Not so much. And if she’s expecting Nick to feel sorry for Victor, Nikki will be waiting a long time.

Victor updates Vikki that he got a text from an unknown number – claiming to be JT (who wants to meet) You haven’t recovered from the last time he attacked you, Vikki refutes Victor’s claim that he’s made a full recovery. Do you plan to kill JT? Don’t ask questions, Victor replies. Vikki doesn’t see how her Dad going to prison for murder solves things.

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When Devon tries to coax Hilary to finish work and go home and rest, she’d rather stay and show Devon how invigorated she feels ~kiss~ Nate arrives to hug Lily, be introduced to Tessa – and get a snarky remark from Hilary (who thinks him intrusive) I invited Nate here, Devon finally chimes in.

Jill continues to blast Kyle – you scared ester and descreated the resting place of the love of my life. Yes, she’s happily married to Colin – but Philip was her first love. Kyle deeply regrets his actions and admits he wasn’t thinking of anything but helping his Dad (and was ‘buzzed’) Can you forgive me? Are you out of your mind? Jill won’t be fooled as easily as Ester. Apologizing again, Kyle leaves Jill to tell Jack that his greasy charm won’t work on her either.

Why would Nick forgive his Dad for using Sharon’s past to try get custody of his son? Your Dad Mike didn’t make things up, Nikki and her son don’t see eye to eye on whether Victor’s actions. And when Nikki lists all Victor’s woes, Nick sees it as karma. Is it too much to expect empathy from your son? Yes, it is. Astounded and frustrated, Nikki hopes for Victor’s sake that all the troubles are over.