Friday, July 13th

What? Ashley asks when Neil stops kissing her to say that he’s not sure this is what he wants.

You disgusting son of a …. you dug into Philip’s casket?! Jill sputters in fury. Kyle was drunk and he only got a little …. You brought this on yourself, Jack referees Jill and his son.

On the patio, Phyllis and Sharon debate what JT’s up to – maybe he’s going to ask Victor to clear him (or blackmail him; Nikki did try to kill him after all) Let JT come back – we won’t be accessories to murder, Phyllis is relieved they’ll be off the hook. Maybe JT’s finishing what he started, Sharon suggests; killing Victor, then us. Getting a text from her PI, giving her the suite number Billy entered, Phyllis has another disaster to deal with – see you later, she bolts.

Did you really think I’d let you get away with it? Victor asks in the dark alley (as he reaches into his jacket) You’re going to shoot your own son now? ‘JT’ pulls off a face mask to reveal his true identity. Nick!!

You’re wasting my time – JT’s on the loose, Victor is clueless but not shocked. Nick delivers a long winded speech – he’s been posing as JT because his Dad took his son. The video, the hacked files, the credit cards – it was all you? Yes, after a lifetime of being mocked and underestimated, Nick’s proven he’s as conniving and ruthless as Victor (and Adam) Knowing Victor won’t expose him (to save face) Nick walks away.

Wherever this would have gone, Neil wouldn’t want to celebrate with anyone else but he also doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with Ashley. Buttoning up Neil’s shirt, she recalls why they never became more than friends. Thanks for dinner and being the man you are, Ashley gives him a kiss and leaves.

In a suite at the club, Billy’s putting on a good poker face. Let’s take a break, he says and tells Sinead that things are looking up as he rakes in his chips (now a big pile) All look alarmed when someone bangs loudly on the door.

I loved Philip! a livid Jill rants – he was good, decent and he’s GONE. If you open that envelope, I’ll sue you both into the stone age! Jack knows the truth is sometimes ugly but since when did Jill cower in fear? When Jill grabs the envelope and opens it, Jack and Kyle stand by as she laughs through her tears.