Wednesday, July 11th

Kyle finds Ashley pulling files out of Billy’s desk (since the CEO isn’t at work yet) She’s looking into Jabot’s new expenses – she can’t find the title for the boat or where the money came from. Sorry, Kyle can’t look into it – Ashley needs to question Jaboat’s captain.

Go away, Billy tells Summer when she wakes him up off the couch (with coffee) How bad is it? Bad. Phyllis comes down to cross her arms and demand Billy start explaining.

Victor’s on his phone at the club with the owner of the ‘server farm’ that’s cut ties with Newman due to ‘baseless accusation’. Why would you do that? Who? I don’t believe you.

Neil arrives at HWG to announce to Tessa that they got a big scoop – using this server farm will put HWG in with elite players. Sounds like everyone will be excited about it, Tessa responds. Not everyone, Neil clearly has someone in mind.

Mariah asks Kyle to join her on the CL’s patio to needle him about working the ‘graveyard’ shift. Taking his hand she sees no trace of dirt. Kyle admits he had a couple of cocktails and tried to help his Dad. Mariah’s just joking – she won’t feature it on the show. Kyle concludes that Mariah cares. Both chuckle about his ego.

Neil’s calls Ashley to thank her – I owe you big time. HWG is official Digi Real’s newest client. I’m going to cook you dinner – 8:00. Perfect, Ashley hangs up. Neil bids Tessa goodbye and leaves. Seconds later, Victor calls (and hangs up when hearing that Neil left for the day)

After Summer goes up to get ready for work, Billy tells Phyllis that he went drinking with business associates. Phyllis thought he was on a conference call. That was before, Billy lies. Phyllis dropped by the office last night – I guess you were out to dinner. No, Billy brought in food for the club for everyone – and had too much to drink. When Billy goes up to shower, Phyllis looks unimpressed with his answers.

Still on the patio, Mariah hopes Jill doesn’t come back to town (or Kyle will be the one 6 feet under) There’s Tessa, Kyle interrupts. When Mariah gets up to wave, Tessa gives a quick wave and leaves with a tray of coffee. Kyle teases Tessa about her awkward Queen wave and encourages her to pursue Tessa. Mariah’s tired of being hurt – I’ll never be girlfriend material. Kyle thinks she’s amazing. That’s kind but Mariah has to get to work (and exits)