Tuesday, July 10th

Summer finds her Mom struggling with a TV dinner – let’s go get some real food. Agreeing, Phyllis is going to surprise Billy (at work) with take out. No, you can’t, Summer blurts out.

At home, Nick’s not surprised that Sharon’s jumpy (after seeing JT). He gets a text from Brit – call me asap. This is it – this must be about Christian, Sharon figures.

Ending a segment of the show on the rooftop, Hilary blasts Nate for laughing. Maybe you should film the show elsewhere, he suggests. Hilary rejoins Mariah to resume the show after a commercial break.

Nick reassures Sharon – Victor won’t get what he wants this time.

As Mariah and Hilary discuss health food, Nate chimes in a few times to disagree with their cleansing misinformation. Hilary again stomps over to bicker with Nate (who’s then introduced to Mariah) Hilary’s bark is worse than her bite, Mariah defends her co-host after she clip-clops off.

Summer tells Phyllis that Billy’s working on an important phone conference. Phyllis gripes about Ashley sashaying back into Jabot and is surprised and skeptical when Summer offers to treat her to dinner (because she’s been a bit difficult since coming back to town) When Phyllis goes up to get ready, Summer texts Billy to ask how much longer he’ll be at the GCAC. Billy replies that he’ll be there until he wins back Jaboat.

Summer wants to go to Top of the Tower than the GCAC. Phyllis would rather go to the club – and chides Summer for being on her phone.

Confident he’ll get Christian back, Nick’s bought all sorts of toys. Sharon’s not so sure and doesn’t want to discuss JT. You’re safe, Nick promises. He has to attend to some New Hope business but will let Sharon know if he hears anything.