Thursday, July 19th

Ashley’s happy that Billy’s moved back into the family home. And as she asks about the ‘muddled trail’ of paperwork for Jaboat, he gets a text from Phyllis – who says HELL NO WE CAN’T GET TOGETHER. I DON’T WANT TO SEE OR SPEAK TO YOU. The repairs are done, Billy announces and offers to take Ashley and Kyle go see the boat – right now.

At Summer’s apartment, Jack’s sorry to drop by unannounced. Hearing that Phyllis had a big fight with Billy and kicked him out, he offers a supportive hug instead of the ‘I told you so’ Phyllis expected.

Jack’s sorry to hear that Billy’s been lying, gambling and conspiring with Summer. Phyllis reports that he’s back at Hotel Abbott; she’s refusing to talk to Billy. How can he flush everything we had down the toilet? she sulks. Jack thinks Phyllis is being too hard on Billy. Hear me out – he’s an addict, like I am. Crediting Phyllis with his recovery, Jack convinces her to stand by Billy.

Devon’s now in GCMs waiting lounge for supportive hugs from Neil, Lily and Cane. The baby didn’t make it but but Neil promises that Hilary will.

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Kyle answers the door and tells Phyllis that Billy isn’t home – he’s with Ashley at the club having an ‘upper management chat’ that I politely wasn’t invited to.

At the club, Ashley tells Billy that yes, she was indeed impressed with Jaboat – but why did Billy pay for repairs from his own pocket and then get reimbursed? Billy claims it was the fastest way to get the boat back in the water. Excited to have Ashley as COO, he’s sending her to Berlin to represent Jabot at an exclusive reception with a trade minister. Ashley wonders why her – why not Kyle? We need someone with experience and charm at that table, Billy denies he’s sending her away to avoid her questions. With a hug Ashley leaves Billy to read a text inviting him to a poker game in suite 352.

Still in the waiting area, Devon won’t give up hope. Nate and the doctors are doing their best and Hilary’s a fighter. Lily explains that she and Hilary were fighting when the truck came out of nowhere and crashed into them. Charlie and Shawna blame themselves – and Devon wants to hear why.