Friday, July 20th

Mariah comes down to notice that Sharon’s breakfast table is one place-setting short. Nick didn’t come home last night, Sharon’s pissed.

Nick and Phyllis awaken in her bed. That happened, she states the obvious.

Devon wakes up from a nap in a chair beside Hilary’s bed. She cries again about losing the baby – I’m sorry, she wails.

When Billy arrives at the office, Gloria and Kyle wonder where Phyllis is. He doesn’t know but will get things back on track in no time.

In the kitchen, Phyllis is now in a robe while Nick parades around in his underwear. Neither have any complaints – but now what? things are awkward.

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Sharon assumes Nick stayed at a hotel because he didn’t want to fight anymore. He was trying to track you down, Mariah knows. He didn’t call, Sharon gripes. Picking up Sharon’s engagement ring, Mariah wonders if Nick saw it. Sharon’s not sure she wants to marry Nick anymore – he’s been lying and keeping secrets. You have too – Mariah points out that she didn’t tell Nick that she helped JT escape. Go find him, Mariah assumes Nick’s as confused as Sharon is right now.

Phyllis ends a call with Summer (who slept at a friend’s last night) We didn’t do anything wrong, Phyllis decides they’re both single and consenting adults. Nick’s not so sure about that – he loves Sharon and Phyllis loves Billy. Both hope to fix their relationships. This night can never be spoken of.

Devon blames the truck driver, not Hilary. I shouldn’t have been in that car, Hilary weeps. She also regrets being more of a friend to Shawna that a guardian. She should have set more rules. That doesn’t matter – Devon’s just glad Hilary’s alive. I’m not tough, Hilary disagrees. Taking her hand, Devon vows that he’s not going anywhere.