Tuesday, July 24th

Of course Lily’s OK with the officer recording their talk (at HWG) She explains that Shawna ran off because she and Hilary were arguing. She’s not sure exactly what happened. We were still arguing when a truck hit us. It happened really fast. Ending the interview, the officer leaves her card – call me if you remember anything else.

In GCM’s lounge, Phyllis tells Devon that she’s talked to Lauren about a dress – but wouldn’t he and Hilary prefer to wait? Devon lets another person in on the secret that Hilary’s injuries are worse than she knows. She needs to know the truth – if you won’t tell her I will! Phyllis threatens. Hilary only has a few days to live, Devon sadly reports.

At HWG, Mariah updates Tessa that Devon and Hilary are getting married – perhaps WE can have a happy ending too. Mariah wants to help find Crystal, bring her back to GC and clear her name. Then you wouldn’t have to leave town and we can be together, she implores of Tessa.

On the CL’s patio, Nick tells Phyllis that his engagement to Sharon is back on. Reiterating the need to keep their secret, he asks how things are with Billy. Phyllis doesn’t want to talk about it. Hilary’s marrying Devon – but she’s not going to make it. Coming out to find Nick and Phyllis hugging, Sharon asks if there’s bad news about Hilary. Hearing that she’s dying, she gives Phyllis a hug – if there’s anything Nick and I can do…..

Even if Scott and Abby testified on Crystal’s behalf, Tessa worries she’d end up in prison – it’s not like she can afford a good lawyer. Victor would pay to defend the girl who saved his daughter’s life, Mariah’s sure. Maybe – but Zack’s associates might come after Crystal (and me) Tessa’s adamant that she and her sister stay in hiding. Why!? Mariah persists. I’m not a good person! Tessa finally snaps.

Seated at CL’s, Nick’s silent as Sharon says she knows that Phyllis and Nick are friends and that she and Phyllis may never be – but she’s there if Phyllis needs anything (and hopes things work out with Billy) Thanking them both, Phyllis claims she’ll be OK on her own. Nick still has nothing to say when Sharon’s surprised to find herself feeling bad for Phyllis.

Visiting Hilary, Shawna throws herself a pity party. I’m so sorry – can you ever forgive me? she sniffles. Yes, on two conditions – forgive yourself and be my bridesmaid. You’re the closest thing I have to a daughter, Hilary wants Shawna at her side when she marries Devon. Shawna’s surprised that the doctors haven’t told Hilary when she’ll be released. With a few words of encouragement, Shawna leaves Hilary to put the pieces together.

Why is Tessa pushing Mariah away? Because I don’t deserve you. I’m the thief who stole your journal – it’s who I am. Stealing is a way of life for me. It WAS your way of life, Mariah knows Tessa has changed. You have the biggest heart I’ve ever seen.

Devon’s arranged flowers and music – Phyllis has the dress covered. How about our honeymoon? Hilary is told they can go wherever she’d like; around the world even. The sky’s the limit huh? Hilary now suspects the truth. When Phyllis comes in with a garment bag of dresses (and shoos Devon out) Hilary asks why he’s rushing this wedding – I need someone to be straight with me. What’s going on?