Monday, July 23rd

Nate tells Devon to prepare himself – he doesn’t think Hilary’s going to make it.

On the rooftop, Tessa smiles on the sidelines as Mariah hosts a special live broadcast; she’s moved by the love and support viewers are providing Hilary.

At GCM, Devon clings to hope. We’re all out of options, Nate’s sorry to report. Barring a miracle, nothing and no one can save Hilary.

After watching Mariah host the show solo on a tablet at CL’s, Lily and Mattie head back to GCM to donate blood. Sending Shawna a text asking how she’s doing, a worried Charlie follows.

A frustrated and stubborn Devon asks what he’s supposed to do. Enjoy the time you have left with Hilary. Speaking from experience, Nate advises his cousin to accept the grim reality and experience the most profound experience two people can share. He laughed and cried with the love of his life; leaving nothing left unsaid will be a comfort. Make every moment count. Against Nate’s advice, Devon doesn’t want Hilary to know – she needs to fight.

Jack stops by Cane’s table at the club to ask how things are in ‘the land of mediocrity’ – too bad Chancellor Industries won’t benefit from his expertise. He then boasts that he’s consulting for Dark Horse; a multi-national real estate start-up run by Nick. ‘Congratulate Nick on his venture’, a disinterested Cane makes for the door. Disappointed that Cane’s not taking the bait, Jack’s stunned to hear about Hilary’s condition.

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Mariah wraps up the show by assuring viewers that she’ll forward their best wishes to Hilary. Praising Mariah and not realizing she’s in the dog house, Tessa offers to drive her to the hospital. I’m worried about you. I can’t believe what you say these days, Mariah stomps off (leaving Tessa bewildered)

Arriving at GCM, Lily hugs Devon then sends Mattie and an apologetic Charlie to the gift shop. Devon doesn’t have to say the words (nor is he able to) for Lily to realize that Hilary isn’t expected to live. She and Devon share another tearful hug.

Lily will respect Devon’s wishes; Hilary won’t hear of her condition from her (Cane or the kids) How do I look? Devon’s off to visit Hilary. Perfect, Lily’s left to quietly weep. There’s no need for Shawna to feel guilty, Hilary tells Devon that she blames herself for arguing with Lily while she was driving and not supervising Shawna properly. Devon assures Hilary that she’ll be an incredible Mother one day and she’s wrong about there being nothing to hold them together anymore (without the baby) Kissing Hilary on the forehead, Devon leaves Nate to evade her questions and surprises Lily by saying he has something to do and will be back soon.