Tuesday, July 24th

Hilary awakens to worry about Devon’s back because he sat in a chair at her bedside all night. Well, he was up and down a few times arranging a surprise – like the wedding invitation he reads aloud. Mariah’s reading hers at home, Neil at the office, Lily and the kids at CL’s. The vows will take place in the ICU – reception to follow at the penthouse upon Hilary’s release.

Nick’s at HWG to tell Neil that he’s hired talented executives, made key acquisitions and now wants to hire Power Communications to push the Dark Horse ‘brand’. Neil has to pass; Hilary’s accident has given him a new outlook on life. Life is too short; he needs to focus on his own family, not get involved in Newman drama. Is there anything Nick can do? Yes, pray.

A hospital wedding can’t be a good sign, Mariah worries. Sharon suggests that Hilary might have opted for something quiet and small – just be happy for them. Everyone deserves to be happy; speaking of happiness, how are things going with Tessa? It’s complicated (but Mariah doesn’t appreciate Sharon judging her girlfriend’s ‘track record’) If Mariah wants to be with Tessa, Sharon wants that too ~hug~

On the patio, Lily gets a message – an officer is on her way to HWG to ask her about the accident. What will you tell her? Cane asks. The truth – that the truck came out of nowhere.

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Phyllis visits Hilary; who’s anxious to get out of the hospital and knows her friend is distracting her. Yes, Phyllis called the PI – Billy wasn’t cheating. But never mind him – let’s discuss the wedding. Confiding that she lost the baby, Hilary puts on a brave face and asks Phyllis to be her Maid of Honor. Accepting and swiping tears, Phyllis leaves to go find Hilary a wedding dress.

Neil joins Devon in the waiting room to offer support over losing the baby – but is marrying Hilary the right thing to do? You have plenty of time. No, we don’t – Hilary’s dying, Devon stuns his Dad. Neil chokes up as he accepts the role of best man and agrees not to tell Hilary.

Cane and Hilary forgive one another. She looks forward to the Ashby family attending the wedding. Don’t let Charlie and Shawna blame themselves for the accident, she adds.

At the penthouse, Charlie gives Shawna her wedding invitation – Hilary wants you there. Shawna again blames herself – but hates to be the one to tell Charlie that she saw the accident – your Mom ran a red light. Charlie saw it too but is glad his Mom doesn’t remember (since she’s talking to the police right now) Like my Dad said, it was an accident.