Thursday, July 26th

Devon and Hilary continue to enjoy talking about being a loving husband and wife.

On the rooftop, Victor and Vikki saunter over to Nick’s ‘crack team’ (a slight Abby takes exception too). Nikki arrives to quip that she didn’t realize she’d need to bring a flak jacket to the meeting. When Billy arrives (with Summer and Kyle) to loudly take a jab at the Newman’s and announce that drinks are on Jabot for the next half hour, Jack marches over to blast him for behaving like a frat boy instead of attending Devon’s wedding. Stay out of my personal life, Billy snarls (as Lauren and Phyllis arrive to watch)

With the new champagne flutes filled with bubbly, Hilary toasts to their future anniversaries. Helping her to take a sip, Devon lists all the places they’ll travel to. He and Hilary won’t mind the paparazzi but our children will be off limits. In tears, Hilary wants to be real. We’re forever, Devon gives his bride a kiss. We don’t have much time, Hilary says weakly.

Sharon comes home to assure Mariah that Tessa seems really committed to her. She’s part of the family too – perhaps I’ll ask her to be a bridesmaid at the wedding since you’re Maid of Honour. That would be great, Mariah agrees – and after Sharon goes upstairs pauses to look at the staircase sadly – then exits with her luggage.

Ordering another beer, Lauren barks at Billy – not for missing the meeting but for being a soulless jackass in front of Phyllis. But let’s talk about the purpose of the meeting; a study on the real estate value of Fenmore’s brick and mortar stores. You’re using Fenmore’s to push me out! Phyllis accuses him.

At a nearby table, Nikki’s stunned when Victor asks her to run NE’s real estate division. Vikki agrees – you have connections, a keen sense of value and the optics of family solidarity are great. But the whole family’s not involved, and Nikki isn’t sure she wants to go head to head with Nick’s new company. Is she being offered the job for her skillset or out of spite?

Nick excuses himself to listen in as Nikki continues to express hesitation over taking the job – but then agrees, I’m in. He leaves before hearing Nikki say that she wants to strengthen NE’s real estate division without taking the family to war.

As Lauren stands by, Phyllis has no problem being shut out of Billy’s life but don’t use Fenmore’s to do it. She then blasts him for not attending the wedding. What are we? Friends? Billy won’t be bossed around by Phyllis – that’s not how it works. Nick appears to comment that Billy’s leadership is something to behold. And when he asks Lauren if she’d like to come over to Dark Horse, Summer shows up – did you just try to poach Fenmore’s from Jabot?