Friday, July 27th

The news is spread quietly and quickly. Mariah awakens to turn her alarm off at 7 am … Neil arrives at the office… Jack sits at the club looking at his tablet …. Phyllis comes down in her robe …. Soon, all are devasted by a phone call bearing the bad news. Neil opens a letter he finds on his desk, gets a call and runs out. Hilary’s chair sits empty on the rooftop.

When Summer comes down to make light of her Mom’s distraction, Phyllis isn’t in the mood for her attitude.

Sharon consoles Mariah – there’s nothing you could have done for Hilary. I could have spent more time with her – but Mariah puts her own grief aside to think of Devon. She needs to do something huge; something very ‘Hilary’.

When Neil arrives at GCM, Devon goes from leaning on the wall to leaning on his Father. No words are necessary.

WWHD – what would Hilary do? Sharon hopes whatever Mariah has planned is a smashing success. So do I, Mariah runs out – leaving Sharon to ask a bruised Nick if he wants to talk about what happened with Billy (and to his face) last night.

Hilary was a strong dynamic woman, Summer’s sorry to hear that she’s dead. It’s a tragic loss, Phyllis and Summer share a comforting hug.

At Devon’s penthouse, Nate’s apologies aren’t necessary – neither is Neil’s offers to do anything Devon needs. Both watch on as Shawna comes out to ask how Hilary’s doing. She passed away peacefully this morning, Devon gently but matter of factly breaks the news. Giving Shawna a hug, he then alarms all by leaving to take care of obligations. I’ll be at the office if anyone needs me.

Having not seen his face, Nick assumes it’s not that bad (or Mariah would have commented) Hilary died – Sharon and Nick agree that the strong woman who pissed them all off didn’t deserve this. But Billy got what he deserved, Nick informs that he’s dragging Phyllis and Summer down (and gambling again) Sharon then finds Mariah’s duffel bag and a one-way train ticket to San Jose. Both having oddly sentimental talks with Mariah, Nick and Sharon suspect she was planning to leave.