Thursday, July 26th

Now alone, a tired Hilary thanks Devon for the most beautiful wedding day. She’s happy to be spending the rest of her life with him.

Phyllis is by herself, wrapped in a blanket, drinking wine and looking at Billy’s number on her phone when Lauren drops by looking for him. They were supposed to have a meeting and he’s nowhere to be found, she’s annoyed. Talking wistfully about the wedding, Phyllis answers that No, Billy wasn’t there holding her hand – he didn’t reply to my texts. Lauren decides to take her mopey friend to the rooftop for drinks.

At the Abbott home, Kyle asks how the wedding went (since Billy left the office early) Beer in hand, Billy claims that he skipped it because it was for close friends and family. Finished the work he brought home, he’s ready to blow off some steam – you in?

When Tessa orders two brownies, Sharon notes that they’re Mariah’s favourite (then basically grills Tessa about her true feelings towards Mariah) Knowing she’s lucky, Tessa promises never to hurt Mariah. Sharon just wants what every Mother does – for her child to be happy and safe.

At home, Mariah tells Nick that the wedding was beautiful – but she knows is was the last time she saw Hilary. Nick will be there for Mariah – Dark Horse is for family – that includes you. He assures Mariah that they all love her ~hug~ Let me know if you need anything. Mariah’s left to second guess her decision to leave GC.

Seated at the club, Victor approves of Vikki’s steps to increase security technology that they can then lease to other corporations; it’s win-win. When he mentions the damage Nick’s done to the real estate division, Vikki hands over a list of potential hires to replace everyone that left. Victor already has a perfect candidate in mind.

Nick wouldn’t have scheduled this rooftop meeting if he knew how dire Hilary’s situation is. Mariah seems shell-shocked, and so do you Jack. That’s why Jack wants to get down to business. Hearing that Neil declined handling PR for Dark Horse, Abby’s pleased when Nick doesn’t hesitate in giving her the job.