Monday, July 30th

Abby and Arturo are chatting over a platter of fruit and cheese when Cane stops by to update Abby that Lily’s not doing very well. Alone again, they go back to discussing Arturo’s plans for their next date. He’s stunned to hear that she’s a soccer fan too (though things may not work out because he’s a Liverpool fan, she a Real Madrid fan) Kyle pops up to chide Abby about her first day on the job at Dark Horse; it seems to be going well. Agreeing that the rooftop seems ‘crowded’, Abby and Arturo decide to head elsewhere.

Kyle saw your clothes on the floor but doesn’t know it was you, Phyllis tells Nick. Is he a loose cannon? Nick’s worried Kyle will tell Billy. Phyllis is glad Nick’s doing well with Sharon and has no intention of messing that up. SHE was technically single at the time. Yes, but would Billy see it that way? Nick clearly doesn’t think so.

Summer joins Kyle on the rooftop wearing a new bikini she just bought downstairs. Kyle can barely take his eyes off her as she gets to work.

Cane and Lily drop by the penthouse to ask Shawna how Devon is. We know how you feel, Lily sympathizes with her – then is shocked when Shawna snaps ‘you have no idea how I feel’.

Phyllis leaving for Chicago on business, Nick reassures that Kyle won’t be a problem. Asked if he was serious about buying Fenmore’s, Nick explains that Dark Horse is focussing on real estate – he doesn’t know much about fashion. Lauren does, and Phyllis thinks she might be open to the idea because she’s ‘disenchanted’ with Jabot. When Nick reminds that she just said that them working together isn’t a good idea, Phyllis leaves him with this thought; it’s all about keeping a proper balance.

Now at Summer’s place having beers, she offers to make him something to eat. Kyle knows she’s still fishing for info on what went on with Phyllis. Summer admits it and feels she deserves to know what’s going on. You won’t find anything out from me, Kyle says then stands up to get something to eat.

Seated with Lily, Shawna’s attitude continues – you didn’t even like Hilary. When Lily excuses herself to answer Devon’s call, Cane asks Shawna what her problem is with Lily. She caused the accident by running a red light and will get away with it, Shawna’s blunt and angry.

Shawna tells Cane that she’s keeping her mouth shut for Charlie’s sake, not Lily’s. Cane won’t debate this (she’s to keep quiet) When Lily ends her call, Cane ends the visit abruptly; it’s best that they leave Shawna to be alone. Agreeing it’s best, Shawna runs upstairs. Lily’s bewildered – I didn’t mean to imply she’s responsible for Hilary’s death.

At the park cafe, Abby eats ice cream and assures Arturo that she very much wants to see more of him. As a big ‘screw you’ to her family? he has to ask (but doesn’t mind) No, Abby fell for Arturo when he dropped everything to take her to the cabin. Yes, Arturo has been ‘serious’ about someone before but it didn’t work out. Why? Because he likes to be spontaneous. And she wasn’t that way? Abby prods – then joins Arturo for a spontaneous dance (around the ‘art piece’ JT’s buried beneath)

Nick’s home to kiss Sharon. It’s too nice to work today. He then presents a gift that makes Sharon gasp ‘it’s too much’. Placing the bracelet around Sharon’s wrist, Nick gives her another kiss and sits her down to discuss the wedding. Sharon doesn’t need a big event – she’d be happy to get married here, at the house, or on a beach. Nick wants something big to let the world know that they’re in love.