Monday, July 30th

Sharon comes home to find Nick’s set the table and made her blueberry pancakes. Surprise – Sharon brought home breakfast for Nick. Hilary’s death has taught them both to appreciate each other.

Cane drops by HWG to find Lily working alone in the office – or rather, worrying about how Devon’s doing after losing both Hilary and the baby.

In Billy’s office, Kyle and Phyllis discuss the CEO’s plans for Fenmore’s. Owning 49% gives Billy the right to close underperforming stores, Kyle claims. Lauren owns 51 %, Phyllis reminds. Kyle then mentions the mystery man she had in her apartment the other night. Summer arrives – sorry I’m late, or am I just in time? (she senses the tension)

Kyle is not thrilled with the research assignment he’s been given by Phyllis (on eye makeup) Summer’s tasked with doing research on fashion trends – but is more interested in what she walked in on. Phyllis eyes Kyle as she warns of workplace rumours – especially ones that can do damage.

Lily packs up – she’s too torn up about Devon to work; he shouldn’t be alone with the funeral tomorrow. Cane offers a hug – he’ll take the day off work and tells Lily that he’ll always support her.

Over breakfast, Nick and Sharon discuss Mariah being strong after losing Hilary and Tessa. Abby drops by so excited about her PR job that she’s brought Nick ideas (which he really likes) Abby’s delighted to go over it in detail. Nick gives her the day off instead. See ya. You just made your sister happy, Sharon notes. Nick likes making the women in his life happy – especially Sharon.

On the subject of rumours, Kyle needles Phyllis – one indiscretion could blow things sky high. After Summer leaves, Phyllis warns Kyle not to pull that crap in front of her daughter – you’ll regret it. Kyle steps out of the office to watch Phyllis march onto the elevator then returns to Billy’s office and closes the door. A suspicious Summer observes.

As Abby lounges on the rooftop with a magazine, Arturo appears with another fruity drink. You’ve been hard to get a hold of lately, he comments. Abby’s thrilled to see him and eager to tell him about her new gig.

Outside Billy’s office, Summer gets no info on what went on between Kyle and her Mom but he does easily get coerced into helping Summer with her fashion research project. How about the rooftop? Summer points out that they haven’t been there since they went skinny dipping together – come one, she flounces out.

Phyllis joins Nick on the CL’s patio to hear that his new company’s going well. He’s closing deals left and right. It was smart to bring Jack onboard, Phyllis opines but given their recent history doesn’t think it a good idea for her to come to Dark Horse. What happened between us was a one-time thing, she reiterates – then informs that their secret isn’t so secret anymore. Kyle knows – he was there.