Tuesday, July 31st

Devon’s penthouse is filled with flowers and a large portrait of Hilary when Neil and Nate arrive to update on funeral plans and ask if there’s anything they can do. Devon’s fulfilled Hilary’s requests but feels like he hasn’t done enough. After small, religious service mourners will be invited back to celebrate Hilary’s life. Something’s missing and Devon can’t find the ‘right’ tie to say goodbye to his wife.

Too much? Phyllis asks (about her dress) when Jack arrives to escort her to the funeral – unless she’s going with Billy. He didn’t show up for the wedding, why would he go to the funeral? Phyllis leaves on Jack’s arm.

Billy’s in his office on the phone doing what sounds like Jabot business – this has to happen by the end of the week.

At home, Sharon offers to go to the funeral to support Mariah (who appreciates that and expects Hilary will have planned some surprises)

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Devon still looking for his tie, Neil invites him to take his anger out on him then is left to worry to Nate that he’s bottling things up again. Nate knows that Devon must handle his grief at his own pace. Lily arrives to hug Devon (who’s found his tie) and asks for a minute alone with him. Unaware that Shawna’s listening, Lily has a confession to make.

Making a brief appearance across the hall, Neil and Nate leave Charlie torn about keeping his Mom’s secret and the burden that puts on Shawna. Cane reiterates – it was an accident.

Lily was up all night because someone called her out on her feelings towards Hilary – she feels guilty for the way she treated her. I was petty and manipulative. Devon’s just glad they made peace before it was too late. He’ll need to lean on his sister today. Having heard enough, Shawna goes back upstairs in time to be called down when Mattie comes over to announce that the car’s here.