Wednesday, August 8th

You can’t just fire me, Lily’s astonished. Yes, I can – Devon won’t look at her face every day at his place of business. And Neil won’t let Devon cut Lily loose – she will always have a place here.

Billy finds it odd that Phyllis is back in his office to congratulate him on his new venture – considering she was plotting against him just a few hours ago.

Neil lectures Devon on shutting Lily down whenever she tries to talk to him – this is about family. Devon reminds that thanks to Lily he lost his family. Sorry that the sight of her makes Devon upset, Lily decides that she’ll go if that’s what he wants.

Billy heard (from Summer) all about Phyllis meeting with Lauren, Kyle and Ashley (and that the latter two are conspiring against him) Phyllis brings up Summer and Billy keeping secrets from her, reminds that she works for Lauren/Fenmore’s and admits that Ashley voiced concerns about his leadership. Spending so much on these leases is a gamble. Phyllis worries that if the venture tanks Billy will be held solely responsible (which is what Ashley wants)

On the rooftop, Summer insists that she’s perfectly fine with Billy’s Jabotique idea – we need to support him. You’re a fan-girl with a crush, Kyle accuses. Summer accuses Kye of being a ‘hater’; she told Billy about his meeting with Lauren, Ashley and Phyllis (who will be back with Jack when she tells Billy that’s who her Mom cheated on him with – tonight)

Phyllis isn’t judging Billy, she’s concerned and pragmatic. Billy thinks she’s been stressed the last few months – like everything could ‘spin out’. Phyllis admits that she’s been scared since Hilary died – the blood-Abbott clause won’t save you if this fails. Billy’s done his research – the win will be huge; this isn’t a gambling rush (he gets that with Phyllis and that gamble pays off every day) Phyllis is with Billy all the way and OK with him working late – she’ll plan a surprise for when he gets home.

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Tonight’s the night you finally get a piece of Billy (even though he doesn’t want a piece of you and there’s no proof that Phyllis cheated with my Dad) Kyle’s not convinced. Summer has a plan; she’ll film evidence. Kyle agrees to set Jack and Phyllis up just so he can see Summer’s plan explode in her face.

Nate approaches Cane at CL’s to discuss Lily going to the police. Lying to protect heer was wrong – you should have told her the truth as soon as you knew. Cane doesn’t need to be told to ‘go to hell’ – he’s already there.

When Devon offers to have Lily’s stuff packed and sent home Neil protests. Fearing she may soon go to prison, Lily’d rather spend time with her kids than working anyway.

Neil understands Devon’s pain but won’t give him a free pass to bash his sister. Lily whines about not being able to sleep. Devon can’t sleep either – he thinks about baby names and when he finally dozes off awakens every morning to relive his loss. I’m done here, he walks out.