Thursday, August 9th

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As Devon is getting ready for the day, he memorizes one of the many framed photos of him and Hilary around the apartment. Nate arrives with a package that was intended for Hilary.

Jack goes on the defensive when Summer goes to sit with him at the bar. Phyllis isn’t interested, Summer. Stay out of other people’s love lives.

Devon inspects the package while Nate pours himself a glass of water. Devon pulls out articles of baby clothing, along with rattles and such. Slowly examining each piece, Devon feels the pain in every moment he spends reminded of his loss. Nate sits down and tells the story of what life was like after his wife, Carolyn died. While the two continue to bond and rummage through the package, Nate discovers that it wasn’t Hilary who purchased the contents…

Cane assures Lily that the judge will see that Hilary’s death was accidental. While Lily freaks out about the possibility of serving 20 years in jail, she believes it is what she has earned. Cane wishes Shauna hadn’t spoken, but Lily says she wouldn’t have been able to live with herself regardless. She finds comfort in the fact that there is still time to spend surrounded by family, and work before the verdict. Just as Cane leaves Lily’s office, he receives a phone call.

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Devon reads a letter written by a fan of Hilary’s who expresses their excitement for the “Mama-to-be.” The letter goes on to thank Hilary for being an incredible role model and representing the “working woman.” Devon reflects on how good she was to not only him, but to her fans as well.

Phyllis joins Ashley and Kyle to discuss Billy’s recent actions within the company. Phyllis is unentertained by the idea of doing this behind his back, but Ashley assures her that each of their intentions are in the best interest of Jabot. Kyle and Ashley are concerned about the buildings Billy wants to construct, claiming that it could cost Jabot millions of dollars that they may not be able to recover. Phyllis defends Billy’s plans, but Ashley makes it a point that Billy acts on impulse. Ashley takes a vow to prevent Billy from destroying the company her family built, and is prepared to build an army to support her. Kyle’s in, are you, Phyllis? No. There’s more to Ashley’s persistence than his impulsive decision making. What is it, Ashley? Well… his secrecy.. and his creative bookkeeping. Ashley hints that he could be embezzling. Phyllis is in disbelief at this accusation, and chooses not to side with Ashley. I won’t cry when Billy tosses you to the curb. When Phyllis leaves, Ashley tells Kyle to keep an eye on her.