Tuesday, August 21st

At Jabot, Kyle updates Ashley that Billy’s at an out of town meeting and Gloria’s chatting up a new hire. Ashley has news of her own – Dark Horse bought Jabotique leases (which Jack will have canceled) Kyle’s left disappointed that Ashley doesn’t seem to need any more assistance from him.

At Nick’s, Jack goes full steam ahead on canceling some leases -including al 30 of Billy’s locations. It’s in your best interests, Jack insists. Nick knows that Jack’s working his agenda and nothing more.

As Cane sleeps beside her, Lily awakens from a nightmare about the accident. I never want to see that again, she gasps in Cane’s arms.

Ordering coffee, Phyllis complains to Sharon about Summer. The only reasons she’s being so ‘sweet’ to Nick is he’s buying her off.

Getting off the elevator, Summer boasts that she’s heading out of town to pursue Billy. Getting on the elevator, Kyle’s sure Summer won’t make it to Philadelphia.

Holding Phyliss coffee as ransom, Sharon forces info from Phyllis – Summer’s spent her trust fund. You need to find a way to reconnect, Sharon suggests a girls weekend. Phyllis thinks the opposite – she and Summer need distance.

Summer accosts Kyle – who’s confident that Phyllis won’t allow Summer to go to Philadelphia. She’ll track your every move. Summer insists she IS getting on that plane and into bed with Billy. But no, she’s not stealing her Mom’s guy – she’s proving they don’t belong together. Summer has no problem jeopardizing her relationship with her Mom for Billy. Kyle thinks it would take more guts to address her issues with her Mother than jump in bed with Billy. That car is mine, Summer’s sure she’ll win the bet.

Nick’s angry that Jack manipulated him. I thought I could trust you – that you wanted to be part of this. Jack does care about Dark Horse – we can’t be left holding the bag over Billy’s bad deals. Showing Nick comparables, Jack’s sure they can get bigger profit by leasing Billy’s locations to other companies.

Though his support is appreciated, Cane suggests Lily talk to a therapist. Naw, she doesn’t see what good it would do.

Nick won’t cancel Jabot’s leases – he wants long-term leverage over Billy. And yes, it is my call. When Nick holds the door open, Jack takes the hint – guess we’re done here. Yes – and Jack better remember who he works for.

In Billy’s office, Summer tells her Mom that she’s taking tomorrow off for a yoga retreat in Madison. Nope – Phyllis needs Summer to work since Lauren’s going to Philadelphia. Phyllis suspects Summer plans to go spend her Dad’s money. Summer hopes Phyllis doesn’t cheat again while Billy’s out of town. She’s then surprised to hear that they’ll be moving out of HER apartment when Billy returns.

We made the decision last night – it was Billy’s idea – and Phyllis agrees. Summer admits that living and working together is a lot. Both hope it helps their relationship.

The Ashby’s are at CK’s for a pep talk. No, Sharon’s not overstepping and will help in any way she can. After Cane reluctantly leaves for work, Lily tells Sharon that she could use a friend.

On the rooftop, Ashley’s distant and hurried when Neil calls. After she hangs up, Jack comes along to report that Nick won’t cancel Billy’s leases. Ashley won’t jeopardize Jack’s job with Nick so will find another way. Jack stops her to say that one good thing has come from Billy being CEO – we’re on the same side again. Ashley’s smile vanishes as soon as her back’s Jack.

Lily frets to Sharon – the twins could be in their 20’s before she gets out of prison. She can’t sleep and can’t confide her nightmares to Cane. Maybe she imagines things because she can’t remember – sometimes she dreams that her whole family is bleeding and dying. It feels like I killed Devon too. Sharon plays shrink – forgive yourself for the accident – for your family’s sake. Lily almost believes it’s possible. Sharon has to believe it is.

Jack and Neil are seated at the club. After discussing Lily and Devon, Neil confides that he’s been spending time with Ashley – she seems to have a lot on her plate (he fishes) Jack knows of no other man in Ashley’s life.

At the Abbott home, Ashley now needs Kyle’s help (since Jack wasn’t able to get Nick to cancel Billy’s leases) Kyle has some drama they can use. Ashley shuts him up because she has her own idea – something she has no choice but to resort to.

Lily thanks Sharon for letting her unload ~hug~ It looks like Sharon needed the chat just as much.

Jack hopes things work out between Neil and Ashley – you could be good for each other. We shall see, Neil exits.

Ashley goes back to her plan – giving Billy enough rope to hang himself then go to the board for a no-confidence vote. Kyle’s to encourage Billy’s reckless behavior. He points out another obstacle – Traci won’t want to be CEO. She can take over until we get the clause removed, Ashley adds – then the board can vote whoever they want. Ashley marvels at the depths on will sink to when they’re sure they’re working for a good cause.

At CL’s, Summer tells Kyle that Phyllis bought her lie about the yoga retreat. Billy wants to move out because he’s too tempted, she’s sure. Kyle’s insulted when Summer scoffs at his big plans. I do whatever it takes to get what I want. You’ll break rules but only so far, she snickers. You’ll find out how far I’m willing to go, Kyle vows.

When Neil appears at Jabot, Ashley lets him down gently – she has so much going on in her life now is all. Neil gets it – let’s get together again and see where that leads. How does that sound? Perfect, Ashley giggles.

At home, Sharon tells Nick that helping Lily got her thinking about all the people she’s hurt. It’s hard to make amends and move on. Nick sees no point in dwelling on mistakes – it’s best to move forward. Both feel lucky ~kiss~

Kyle joins Phyllis’ table on the rooftop. You’ll want to hear this. Go to the trade show. Summer bought a plane ticket to Philadelphia – she plans to show up in Billy’s suite tonight.

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Next: Sharon opens up to a new friend ….. Ashley makes a shocking discovery …. Phyllis confronts Summer.