Wednesday, August 22nd

On the rooftop, Phyllis doesn’t believe that Summer’s going to Philadelphia to be with Billy – she’s going to a yoga retreat. Kyle’s sure he’s correct – Summer’s going to Philly and we both know why.

Boo, Summer appears as Billy orders coffee at CL’s. Make that to go, he adds. Summer talks at Billy’s back until he turns to inform that his schedule’s tight (because he’s off to the trade show soon) Summer’s sure it will be worth his while.

Summer continues to throw herself at Billy – who dismisses her so he can speak to Vikki. Have a great trip, Summer leaves Billy to update Vikki that he can’t see the kids on Saturday because he’ll be out of town. You can’t spend one day with your children, Vikki marches off.

Kyle continues to make his case – Summer follows Billy around like a groupie. She claims he knows what women like her want and that Billy has a hard time keeping his hands off her. She won’t stop until she gets what she wants, Kyle warns Phyllis.

Nick and Sharon discuss the cons and pros of him running Dark Horse from home (until the office is done) One of the perks? See you in the bedroom in 30 seconds, Sharon bolts upstairs, Nick in close pursuit.

On the CL’s patio, Vikki whines about having to change her plans because Billy’s job is so much more important than hers. He promises to spend more time with the kids. Maybe they can stay with Nikki just this once? Billy can’t believe he’s suggesting it. Saying she has no choice but to be ‘fine’, Vikki stomps off.

Back on the rooftop, Phyllis is still in denial – Summer’s claim sounds like wishful thinking. Surely Kyle doesn’t think Billy’s lying and cheating behind her back. Oh, wait – you think that’s what I’m doing (and so, deserve this) Billy might be the most faithful partner ever for all Kyle knows – he’s just worried that Summer’s antics might affect Jabot. Phyllis suspects that Kyle still wants Summer and should do something about it so they can both leave her and Billy alone.

In bed, Nick thanks Sharon for the distraction – and reminder that he started Dark Horse for his family. All these long ours will be worth it – you’re with me, right? Yes, Sharon is – but let’s set aside the search for a new home.

Unhappy to find Summer in his chair, Billy scolds her for playing games. You closed the door instead of kicking me out, Summer’s smug. This isn’t all about pissing off my Mom; don’t sell yourself short. Listing Billy’s fine qualities, Summer thinks she’s a much better match than her Mom. Think about what you want while you’re in Philly – it’s not my Mom. Summer, what are you doing here? Phyllis comes in and closes the door behind her.

Coming into Vikki’s office to discuss shipping numbers, Nikki’s alarmed to find her sleeping at her desk. What if you’d been someone else? Please don’t tell Dad, Vikki explains that she had a rough night. Go home and rest, Nikki insists. Thinking that ridiculous, Vikki doesn’t need to see Nate for a physical. He’s always hovering and judging. This has nothing to do with JT, Vikki snaps and goes for coffee.