Wednesday, August 22nd

Did you need Billy’s help with something? The synergy project with Kyle? Phyllis assumed that was done. Summer’s just finalizing details; putting the cherry on the sundae. Summer came by to discuss logistics but she knows where I stand. Mentioning the trade show, Summer leaves. Whatever Phyllis is about to say is interrupted when Billy gets a call bearing bad news. Looks like Nick and I have to talk.

Back with a mug of coffee, Vikki finds her Mom waiting for her – to discuss her stress and anxiety over JT. It’s no surprise; the way he treated you – the way things ended. It eats away at me too, Nikki lies to Victor and Nate about the cause of her stress. We have to do this, Vikki insists – we can’t let JT win.

Now at CL’s, Nick will see Sharon later at home. Billy arrives to speak to his new landlord. Huh? Sharon listens as the men argue about Nick jacking up the leases then asks them not to throw punches while she goes to clean the patio. Nick isn’t sticking it to Billy – those properties are worth more than you were paying. You’re either in or out. The new Nick is just like Daddy after all, Billy comments.

Phyllis comes onto the patio frustrated that she can’t get her flat tire serviced immediately. When Rey offers to help, Sharon vouches for him. Without a word to Sharon, Phyllis leads Rey out to her car.

Outside Billy’s office, Summer and Kyle spar about their bet and the car Summer’s sure she’ll win. After Summer goes to pack for her trip, Kyle sends Phyllis an FYI text that she’s headed home.

Billy joins Jack at the club’s bar to whine about Nick raising the rent on the properties he’s leasing – can you talk to him? Jack thinks opening 30 locations was risky – maybe Nick will let you back out without penalty. Did you tell him to buy the leasing company and raise the rent? No, Jack told Nick to cancel the leases. You’re a piece of work, Billy scoffs at the idea that Jack’s protecting him and Jabot. You put me in the CEO chair – congratulations, Billy marches away. When Ashley comes over, she vows not to let Billy destroy Dad’s legacy.

Rey’s back in CL’s to accept coffee on the house from Sharon. She hopes Phyllis at least thanked him. Rey then confides that his Dad wasn’t around a lot when he was a kid. He doesn’t mind helping a friend of a friend. Sharon doesn’t consider Phyllis a friend. Sometimes you just have to put up with people.

Phyllis comes home in time to say goodbye to Billy before Summer comes down with her suitcase. Yes, she’s off to Madison for a yoga retreat. Phyllis suggests they go for dinner first. No thanks – Summer has to get on the road. Yes, she plans to come back a whole new woman. When she goes upstairs for her phone, Phyllis rummages through Summer’s bag and finds a ticket to Philly.