Thursday, August 23rd

‘Door’s open’, Nate says – then ends his handstand to greet Nikki. Is everything OK? he’s surprised. Nikki’s there about her daughter – I’m afraid I lied to you.

On the CL’s patio, Abby’s showing Arturo a goody bag of stuff she bought for his trip with Nick; DVD’s, chocolate and a flashlight in case the power goes off in the hotel. She’s OK with ‘going a bit overboard’ and will miss Arturo. He promises to show her how much he misses her when he gets back. Spotting Rey inside, Arturo hurries Abby out before she can even finish her coffee.

OK, fine – you caught me – I’m not going to a yoga retreat, Summer admits – but she doesn’t plan to surprise Billy; she plans to surprise Lauren with her enthusiasm for her job. The trade show was her idea after all. We both know who you’re trying to ‘wow’, Phyllis orders Summer to ‘own it’. Finally, she does – I want Billy – is that enough honesty for you, Mom??

It all makes sense to Phyllis now; Summer always being in Billy’s office, prancing around the apartment wearing next to nothing. Summer claims that she’s just helping Phyllis and Billy realize that their relationship is over. You think this crush is a two-way street!? Phyllis thinks her daughter delusional. Billy wants me, Summer insists it’s no fantasy – he’s already made it a reality.

Bare-chested and conducting business by phone from a lounge chair on the rooftop, Kyle gets a call from Maria – Billy’s headed to the airport.

Nikki clarifies patient-doctor privilege and swears Nate to secrecy. On my honour – talk to me, he encourages. It’s about Vikki and her ex, JT, Nikki admits.

Arturo’s brought Abby to the club for dinner – his treat. No, nothing’s bothering him, Arturo lies and looks around nervously.

Phyllis demands to know how Billy made Summer’s fantasy a reality. He admitted that if you weren’t in the picture, he’d be into me. He was just being polite, Phyllis scoffs. No, Billy’s attraction to me is primal, Summer persists. They then disagree on why Billy hasn’t mentioned it to Phyllis. Summer won’t give up; not when she’s this close to the prize.

Nikki tells Nate all about JT – he came back to GC angry and vindictive because his life didn’t go as planned. He lashed out at Vikki, subtly at first. He was emotionally then physically abusive. Nikki has nowhere else to turn. Vikki’s so anguished. Nate’s sorry but he’s no therapist. Nikki’s desperate; Vikki needs help. She’s getting worse every time I see her.

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