Friday, August 24th

Topping up his coffee, Sharon babbles to Rey (who’s busy playing an online video game) He’s there every morning because he likes the coffee and the owner. I hope that means you’ll keep stopping by, Sharon blushes and excuses herself. Rey scrawls in his notepad – then accosts Abby to ask that she help him fix things with his brother.

Billy’s glad to be home ~kiss~ The trade show was exhilarating but next time he’ll send Kyle. Wiping Billy’s kisses off her cheek, Phyllis isn’t onboard with taking a cruise on Jaboat – it’s booked. And what’s going on with you and my daughter?

With Neil and Devon in Chicago, Lily’s going to work at HWG. But first she finds the twins in the club’s dining room researching women’s prisons.

On the CL’s patio, Mariah confides in Sharon that she’s freaking out about Tessa’s safety (and relays her helping her sister and the call that was cut off) Mariah’s close to giving up.

Arturo’s out of town and Abby won’t betray him by giving Rey his number – and she won’t get in the middle. OK – where’s Lola? Abby’s no help there either so Rey will ask her questions about herself – and he’ll talk about himself. OK – you go first, Abby agrees to hear Rey out. He talks about being the man of the house when Arturo was a kid. I did what I had to do. Now, what does Abby see in Arturo? A lot – so watch your step, she warns.

When Mariah wonders why she hasn’t heard from Tessa, Sharon has a scenario Mariah may not have thought of – Tessa doesn’t want to be found and is staying away by choice.

Billy pulls out his phone to call Summer to find out where Phyllis got these crazy ideas. She’s not available – she’s cruising around on a boat with no wifi until Phyllis decides otherwise. Summer was planning to hook up with you in Philly, Phyllis updates. Billy’s not happy when Phyllis doesn’t deny thinking maybe he wanted Summer to join him. Annoyed, Billy goes upstairs to take a shower and calm down a bit.

Now at HWG, Mattie shows Lily a prison that’s a half hour away and another that’s 4 hours away. She’s done a report on visiting times, how to transfer money to the commissary etc. Charlie hands over a flashdrive of a prison documentary. When Lily points out that she won’t be housed with murderers, Mattie worries that Devon may portray Lily as a murderer herself.