Wednesday, August 29th

Kyle accosts Ashley to discuss their mutual problem – feet away from Billy’s office. Yes, she’s still worried about Billy’s reckless behavior but won’t use his gambling addiction to entrap him. Knowing Billy will cross the line, Kyle’s eager to push the timeline. Ashley wants to rely on surveillance to use against Billy. It’s not personal. No, we’re being responsible – at the end of the day, Billy must be stopped.

At CL’s, Mariah’s anxious because Tessa hasn’t contacted her (and ‘aggressively bad’ at relationships overall) When Sharon suggests she needs a distraction, Mariah exits to find one. Enter Rey for the free coffee he was promised. OK, but first, Sharon needs some answers.

Kyle will keep an eye out for budget discrepancies, corner cutting on product safety etc. Ashley goes back to Kyle trying to lure Billy into gambling – what if someone gave your Dad pills? My Dad has an illness – Billy’s a spoiled, entitled, smug, jerk who for some reason people find charming. Taken aback by Kyle’s grudge towards his Uncle, Ashley warns him not to be cocky or underestimate Billy (who strolls in to joke about them conspiring against him)

No, this isn’t about Rey’s plumbing skills – what are you doing in town? Sharon asks. And don’t pretend it’s a coincidence that you’ve run into everyone I know. Rey admits he’s in town because of JT Hellstrom.

On the rooftop, a babbling Mariah insists on buying Kyle a drink. No, she’s not drunk already. Has your PI found any info on Tessa? No. Let’s do some shots, Mariah persists. And who’s Kyle looking around for anyway? A date – no, not Summer. Go home and have chocolate cake. Yes, Kyle he IS trying to get rid of Mariah (which results in her taking a seat, determined to check this mystery woman out)

After ending a call from Vikki (who summons him to her office to discuss the kids) Billy explains that he’s called Ashley to his office to unveil his Jabotique press release. Let me be clear – no more games or sabotage. The 30 stores will open 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Ashley doesn’t appreciate finding all this out AFTER the fact. I don’t trust you, Billy’s blunt.

JT tried to kill his Father in law – twice. Sharon becomes unfriendly at the thought of Rey being a friend of that vicious man who’ll never show his face in GC again. If this is the kind of company you keep …. Rey clarifies that his line of ‘financial services’ is debt collection. He would have fixed Sharon’s plumbing and her friend’s tire regardless. Phyllis isn’t my friend, Sharon snaps and serves Rey his free coffee and some advice – don’t waste your time looking for JT in this city. After Rey leaves, Sharon sends a text to her three cohorts. In her office, Vikki recoils as she reads that Rey is here because of JT.