Thursday, August 30th

Why didn’t you just knock? Why were you lurking out there? a confused Mariah asks Tessa. Yes, we know this person, Sharon takes Rey aside to ask why he brought a gun to dinner? His line of work – and he didn’t feel comfortable leaving at the motel. Sharon shows Rey out then watches a relieved Mariah hug Tessa.

At HWG, Mike coaches Lily – answer the Judges’ questions briefly and sincerely. Cane lets Mike know that they’re counting on him getting the Judge to show leniency. After Mike leaves, Cane comforts Lily with words and a hug.

Vikki approaches Devon at the club to ask how he’s doing. Better after her Dad’s advice – forgiveness has limits. Yes, we’re talking about Lily (and Cane withholding the truth) Vikki sees things from both sides. Near tears, Devon can’t be as objective about Cane delaying justice for Hilary.

As Sharon joins the girls, Mariah asks a shaken Tessa what the hell’s been going on since she’s been gone.

Tessa explains that she got Crystal settled in Canada with a new ID and a job. She hung up on Mariah because she didn’t trust the people helping her and didn’t want to drag her into it. She’s sorry that Mariah was worried but was focused on Crystal. What’s been going on here? Not so fast – hand on her hip, Sharon still has questions.

Rey startles Vikki in her office to discuss Sharon being interested in his line of work. He didn’t mean to make everyone jumpy – especially Vikki, with all she’s going through. Vikki suspects Rey’s not here to apologize – he’s on the clock.

Cane’s brought Lily to dine at the club on all her favourites. He then spots Devon scowling at them.

Cane goes over to Devon to make it clear that he and Lily aren’t out celebrating. Want to join us? Devon thinks that will defeat the purpose of distracting Lily from what’s going on tomorrow. He plans to tell the Judge how the bottom dropped out of his world. See? No need to mention Lily. Enjoy your time with your wife.